Sunday, October 9, 2011

My grandmother would approve of the modesty but not the witchcraft of color forecasting.

If I remember correctly, about this time of year Pantone releases its colors for 2012 and THE color for 2012 follows shortly after that.  I never use this information in any way but I lurve talkin bout color and am always fascinated by how other people react to Pantone and trends in general.  

However, I've been seriously lacking on my blog reading and my finger has slipped from the pulse (probably wandered somewhere naughty) so I'm not sure what the hell Pantone has been doing lately.  They could be Honeysucking it all night long or forcing Americans to match their skin tone to a specific TC color and I wouldn't know.  I'm not going to google it because it'll ruin my fun and I want to see just how far off I am without any "research" for six months.  

So I decided to talk about the colors that *I* like lately!!  Because I'm the only one who matters. On this blog.  

Except for the exceptional caliber of readers and commenters I have...

Back to the rainbow at hand, I'm still obsessed with the colors in everyone's favorite picture:
originally from this post
I made some mild alterations because y'all perverts only saw nipples and I - the cultured classy one of this bunch - was able to look beyond that and focus on other things.  Like the fantastic horsey helmet!

Perhaps it's the fall in the air or that I can't stand to look at another pink and yellow summery funtime colorboard but I'm rather prone to dark mood colors lately.  And modesty apparently.

First up - indigo.

via Identical Eye

via here
You knew it was going to be big earlier this year because we were overrun with Honeysuckit and cobalt pairings everywhere you looked.  Just like macaroni and cheese or butter and jelly sandwiches, they just kinda work together.  Fortunately indigo left pank quite some time ago and has ventured on its own which works much better for me.  Butter and jelly sandwiches are only good for the first three bites, ya know.

But jelly on its own?!
Monique Lhuillier from Style
Saucy!  I have a strong aversion to purple but gawdammit if it doesn't keep rearing it's royal head everywhere I turn.  I hear you loud and clear, Universe, but I'm not happy about it.
UK Tattler Sept 2011 via Dust Jacket Attic

But I much prefer a deep maroon now.  It's my new favorite neutral.  
mashup by coco + kelley
And not because it's the color of wine...  Total coincidence.   (But wine really does go with everything.)

I know I've blogged this before but it deserves a repeat. via Busy Being Fabulous

This rusty/corally direction makes me want to dry hump something fierce on that couch but maybe it's just me.
Rhodochrosite from Mineralia

Moving away from ketchup is mustard.  (I think I'm hongray tonight...)
Twenty seven Names via Busy Being Fabulous
I must admit I'm feeling these honey tones lately.  I'm mixing my food references here but when is honey mustard ever a bad thing?!  NEVER I TELL YOU!!!  Mustard's tang makes indigo and plum and burgundy not seem so sad.  Wah wah waaaahhh...

I look like absolute vomit in shades of yellow and I'm pretty sure that if I were to put on mustard the universe would literally implode from the disgusting color tension.  But I still wouldn't mind a purse in it...   I'll just keep it far far away from my skin.  For the safety of you and universe.

via everywhere but I can't remember the original source... help?

After all of these warm colors you gotta throw in something cool:
Celerie Kemble and Anna Burke in Lonny
In this case, a giant pair of mint green granny panties.  I'm not sure that granny panties come in any other color...  NOR SHOULD THEY as they are the exact color of my great grandmother's house and her chenille bedspread and chairs in her living room and everything she ever touched.  

Being that I live in a mint-colored house with a mint-colored bathroom (and have a vintage mint chenille bedspread...) I've been all stocked up on this color for quite awhile and really don't care to see much more of it.  Unless it comes in a mojito...
Jeanne Opgenhaffen via Bancroft + Ivy
I hope that mint will be the gateway for other greens to follow.  Perhaps Zombie Pit Stain...???!!!  I'm ahead of the curve like that.

But I give two thumbs up for pairing mint with jewel tones.  I personally don't want to do that anywhere in my life but other people could do it and I applaud their wild abandon.  I might even reward their verve with a butter and jelly sandwich which is essentially cake.   White trash breakfast cake but still cake  

That is not to be confused with regular white trash cake which is white bread with butter and sprinkled with sugar.  Mmhh... childhood memories just like grandma used to make.  

I'm going to dream about having a mojito or seven and google colors for 2012.  Any guesses as to what the color of the year will be??  Indigo or mustard is a strong contender for me but I wouldn't be surprised to see any shade of purple.  Ugh.  

No cheating if you've already seen it!  I will smack that delicious sandwich right out of your lying hand if you cheat.

Just like your grandmother and her mint panties would do.

Try to get that image out of your head...


  1. Oh my gosh. Each of your colors is my favorite! Deep maroon + mint + indigo... LOVE. Great photos!

  2. Thanks Susie! Having a rainbow moment myself. ; )

  3. You're such a color maven, Madame... When will you start moonlighting for Pantone?!

  4. As soon as they call. This is probably not the best way to go about getting their attention...