Sunday, October 30, 2011


Look at me being all topical with the Halloween and a bunch of black stuff and the small bags of candy I'm shoving into my mouth.  The candy is unrelated to this post but it's happening at the same time so...  This Ann Sacks obsidian tile is technically unrelated to the holiday but I kinda love saying the word obsidian.  OBSIDIAN, OBSIDIAN, OBSIDIAN!!

*nom, nom, nom*

Charlotte Ballesteros and Hubert Marot via But Does It Float
I don't know what this is but I like to think of it as obsidian in the wild.  Don't ruin this for me.

via weyoume
No obsidian here but wild in another way I like.

Lisa Golightly via Design Crush

Here. "Dream - Spontaneous Combustion" by Olaf Brzeski. Thank you Evolving Critic!
Perhaps I'm in the mood for a campfire?!  Too bad my fireplace is currently a dust collector.  Can you broil s'mores?  I think we're getting ready to find out...

Martha Stewart recipe here
Feed my brain with sessy black artiness but my insides need s'mores and BLACK QUINOA!!  There's only one grocery store in town that carries black quinoa and it is ungawdly expensive but sometimes it's nice to be extravagant with your complete proteins because it's just too delicious.  And fits with the theme of this post.

In the latest installment of 'Things I would hogtie Beyonce's unborn baby for but will never actually wear, own or look good in" comes everything Gareth Pugh designed this year.  Sigh...

The Scar Project is a book of breast cancer survivors photographed by fashion photographer David Jay.  See some of the stunning images here but there is some nudity, obviously, so don't be all "Omigawd I saw a nipple and now I'm going to get fired and then lose my house and live on the streets and eat lizards roasted over a fire in a trash can and there definitely won't be any s'mores there, you asshole!"  But the book's pretty good so it might be worth it.  Your call.

And in a complete 180, here's next year's Halloween costume!  Y'all remember this when next October 30th I'm freaking out because I had a great idea last year and can't remember what it was.  

Justin Gabbard via Grain Edit
Shit yeah!

via Rachel Swan Design
Aaaaand some black furniture.  I painted a china cabinet recently that turned out quite similar to this one.  It's not scary, though.  I just hijacked Halloween to tell you about it.  This whole post was really just a segue for the rest of this week where I'll chronicle in detail the making of the black cabinet until you'll either want to die or cream your manties at the awesomeness of it all.  

It could go either way.  

Maybe I'll throw in some broiled s'mores to sweeten the deal.  But not black quinoa.  

I ain't made of money, y'all!!!


  1. The artist of that black smoke cloud is Olaf Brzeski and the work is titled "Dream - Spontaneous Combustion." Polish artist YO!!! Check out the artist's other stuff, it's all smoke and mirrors to me (pun intended).

  2. Fantastic! Thank you! Look at you with the Polish smartiness. Somehow I'm not surprised... ; )

  3. I want that black unicorn over my mantle damn it! Where can I get? Tell me! TELL ME NOW!!!!

    Love the new header. Saucy.

  4. I DON'T KNOW!!! STOP YELLING AT ME!!!! *sob, sob, sob*

    Thank you much. The new header loves you too.

  5. sooooo whould it be illegal to have it printed and framed in my dining room. No, okay cause i am doing it!

  6. DO IT! It's not like you have a place where you take pictures of your house and show it to people anyway! No one will ever see it...

  7. That tiles makes me feel good in all the right places. ;-)

    And I hear that once you go black unicorn you... uhmm... I forget the rest.

  8. I think it's the same for black tile too... ; )

  9. 1. The Scar Project = OUTSTANDING.
    2. Gareth Pugh's armor clothes are effin' sweet too, even if they seem very guhrmahn yah?!?
    3. I've never tasted quinoa (that I know of) though I bet it's less hazardous than volcanic glass.


  10. 1. YES IT IS.
    2. Yah. Guhrmahn, bitte. (That's all the Deutsch I know.) The rest of his collection is more Matrixy!
    3. You are correct, sir. It is indeed less hazardous but certainly more tasty (I would imagine since I've never eaten volcanic glass). Quinoa is like a nutty grain but black quinoa smells like honey while it's cooking. Mmmhh....