Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Saucy tidbits with goat butter on top.

Here's a saucy grabbag of important things that are in my brain and what's been happening on the interwebs this week that caught my eye.  In fairness, it's not hard to catch my eye as long as it is full of shiny goodness reflected off the glitter wings of baby virgin pandas while they are dancing in the late summer rain.

Or there's shopping involved.
Fresh.  Like Doug E. Fresh but with way more lucite.
The bloggers who you read every day and wish you had their style even if you had to murder them and steal their creativity if that was even possible has made it possible but without the homicide part.  Friend of the Sauce Susie Q of Eye Spy, Nelya of Head Over Heels and Jenny of My Favorite and My Best have scoured the Southeast for all the awesomenest shit you will want to put in your home.  This is hard - I live in the Southeast and it's a wasteland around here sometimes.  Good thing for me they've set up shop in Hotlanta!  Those who are not blessed to live in the Dirty South can shop MINTY online and follow them on twitter.  Or don't.  More for me.  Mwahahahahaha!  

You know who could have used some MINTY in their lives?!  These homesteaders circa 1909 - taking pictures of their new homes to send home and show their families.  I'm obsessed with the entire collection of photographs on Slate probably because my great great madame grandmother took a picture just like this.  I'm kidding.  I come from a long line of horse thieves and hussies.

Horse thieves and hussies who love BUTTER!  Seriously, this butter is like goat ice cream you can put on your multi-grain English muffin with flax.  I would eat a roasted baby virgin panda if I could spread this stuff on top. I accidentally left it in the car after the grocery store one day where it ruined and then had a small memorial service for it.  Such a waste.   

via Amsterdam Modern
Never in a million years did I think I would type this next sentence but...  That yellow and white striped ceiling makes my designer bits tingle with unending pleasure.  Gio Ponti made it possible.  Thanks for turning me upside down, old timey starchitect.

A few weeks ago when I formally introduced myself, I got an avalanche of responses.  Not about my victory over the crushing anxiety that prevented me from walking outside or my imaginary monsters but, gawd bless you, you went straight for the important stuff: makeup.  I don't wear a lot of lipstick because I have big lips and I feel like anything more than clear usually makes me look like a Robert Palmer whore-mouth girl and I'd rather that impression happens after I open my mouth not before.  But I was on my way out to a birthday celebration so I threw caution to the wind and put on my new favorite gloss before taking a picture.  It's $3.  I'm a fancy yet frugal whore-mouth.  That's trying to wear more lipstick lately.

Australian Vogue Living via CMV 2.0
So much rainbow goodness.  MINTY, can y'all try to get one of everything in this picture?  At the very least I'll trade you a baby virgin panda dipped in melted goat milk butter and a half-used tube of $3 lip gloss for a bit of art.  

Deal?  Deal.


  1. D-E-A-L! We got lots-o-great art. So when you coming to see us???

    Thank you for the awesome shout-out, Madame. You are a true MINTY friend!


  2. word to your saucey bird.

    you need to come down soon. we will take you out for coffee and shit.
    and then give you a personal minty tour. complete with hugs.
    and if it's a painting you want, just ask. i am a famous painter these days.

  3. Nelya - With Christmas coming I think a trip might be in order. For presents for ME of course!

    MFAMB - coffee AND hugs?! I hope they are full of sugar and inappropriateness. I've been following your painting adventures in awesomeness - I may have to take you up on that!

    Good luck with everything ladies!! I know you're going to kill it.

  4. I'm jealous of your lips. Mine are painfully thin and I adore wearing red lipstick. I love your voluptuous pouty-mouth lips. I rediscovered super cheapo Revlon Moondrops and I swear it's as good as my old Bobbi Brown or Mac stuff. Try Ravish Me Red. If not for the color, you gotta wear that name.

    We'll start sourcing with Madame Sunday in mind. Art for you, baby! And goat butter for us all.

    Thank you so much for the kind words. Love you!


  5. You're sweet - extra goat butter for you! I'll check out Revlon fo sho. I'm in this whole 'drugstore makeup can be good too' phase mostly because it hurt buying my $30 Diorshow mascara last time. And I totally buy makeup based on the names too.

    The art comment wasn't actually a request more like me thinking out loud but I see how this proved advantageous for me. SCORE!

    Congrats on the site!