Tuesday, December 6, 2011

It's easy to coordinate with boring.

Drawing all day is career so strenuous it is often confused with digging ditches and being a prison guard.  However, it does have a few perks.  I get paid to look at lots of magazines, when I'm having PMS I can just claim it's my sensitive designer temperament and eat lots of chocolate and then go look at more magazines for inspiration and when I'm done looking at magazines I get to, well... draw all day.

The down side is that my eyeballs are sensitive to pattern and I tend to avoid wearing them and using them at the Ranch because I have to create them all damn day.  I usually enjoy a solid color and subtle texture like it was the last drop of vodka left in my freezer.  I was color blocking long before we called it color blocking - it was just called 'yawn' back then.

watercolor ikat via Republic of Chic but the artist?
But eyeball seizures be damned!  I've caught the pattern bug lately and feel like indulging a little visual vomit before I'm scurry back to my safe place of black and brown.  They have tea cozies and footed pajamas in solid color land too.  It's nice.

But flower orgasmisplosions are better.  Go big or go home is what I always say when I'm not saying something else about staying small wherever you are.

via Lookbook
Maybe I'll even WEAR some pattern!  And put it with contrasting pattern.  

There is no room big enough to contain my creativity.

via Refinery29
Nor house my scarf collection.

via designworklife - same artist as above?
There is no stopping me.

scarves from a sale on Fab
With the scarves.  

I'm a madwoman of pattern I tell you.

via Erin Ever After
Or maybe that's just my sensitive madwoman designer temperament coming out.  

Either way, I'm going to get some shades just like that.

To bring some much-needed sauce to the ditch digging community.


  1. No, do not give in to the trends and temptations to pair a pattern with a pattern. Have you no sense of decorum. Oh wait, stupid question. I meant to say, have you not heard of the fashion rules such as no patterns before Labor Day and after Memorial Day especially if paired with ranches?! My GAWD Saucy One, get a grip! K

  2. I'm going to wear so much pattern you won't be able to tell where I end and the wallpaper begins! YOU'RE NOT MY MOM!

    *runs to bedroom and slams door*

  3. oh dear, these are all so nice to look at! I never use color in my home, which is surprising to me sometimes, but i always choose the conservative route.

  4. I usually go conservative too because I just see SO much color and pattern at work I want visual zen space at home. But I'm feeling like going crazy lately...

    Let's hold hands and dive right in together! But not in a creepy way...