Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Chrimas, y'all!

The ModSauce Ranch's Christmas card this year
It didn't work.  

But I'm watching Santa Claus: The Movie and the reindeer eat glitter manna that makes them fly so I can see where she might have picked up this idea.  

Santa Claus: The Movie might be my favorite holiday movie from the '80s because there's a hobo kid with fingerless gloves, Santa is kinda Big Poppa sessy in polka dot pirate blouses, John Lithgow plays an extra greasy evil toymaker and is an asshole who won't let Ren dance, the poppa elf at the North Pole looks like an ancient Shaolin monk and Dudley Moore is drunk the whole time.  

Maybe I'm confusing this movie with some other '80s movies...  It's still pretty awesome though.  It's nice to switch things up because after the fifth viewing of A Christmas Story even I start to wish for someone to shoot my eyes out.    

Maybe after the fifth viewing of this one I'll switch to One Magic Christmas with Mary Steenburgen and that other hobo dude.  Except this hobo is an ANGEL!!  I don't think there's as much glitter in that one but I just love some hobos around the holidays.

This post was my attempt to write one sentence to wish you a Merry Christmas and 12 paragraphs later we're finally getting there:

Glitter hugs and eggnog-induced dry-humps for all you saucy friends!  Have a Merry Chrimas, a happy non-Chrimas holiday or just a fantastic weekend for all you super pagans out there.

I'm taking a blog vacation until the new year to refuel my tanks of sauce (read: shop and nap) but I'll still be twitter twatting so fill me in on all the swag the Big Poppa in red gave you. 

See you in twenty twelve!

Update: In my drunk-on-Christmas haste, I forgot to tell you that this card was heavily inspired by a card posted by Paul Anater.  I think it was the cats.  And the fact I have a lot of Queen Victoria pictures...  I assure you I am not that clever without stealing from someone else.  


  1. This is a true story - I had your Christmas card on my computer desk and the cat barfed on it. Thought you'd like to know that everyone's a critic!

  2. Sounds like your cat wanted to be fancy on the inside too. ; )

    Merry Chrimas!!

  3. Merry Chrimas to you too ladies! Can't wait to see you in 2012. ; )

  4. Douesn't Dudley Moore play a drunk in every movie?