Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Sunday Set. Yep, nothing but some pretty pictures here... *whistles*

Look at all these cool things I found on the internet this week!  LOOK AT IT!

Sao Paulo via Nowness
(Pssstt.... hey laaaadies and twisluts!  Let's gab a minute.  I figure while everyone else is looking at pictures we can secretly talk about Breaking Dawn since everyone should have seen it by now.  Possibly multiple times...  I don't judge.  Seriously, I don't.  I watch Twilight movies for chrissake.  It's all so so horrible it makes me love it.  I only saw it about a week ago so the theater was nearly empty which really allowed us audience members to bond when we all laughed together at the shitty acting.  Seriously, there were guffaws when Jacob imprinted.  Probably because even in fantasy scenarios the wig budget for this franchise is less than the amount of money I spend on caviar facials. (That would be $0)  And because of his, you know, homosensuality.)

here but...?

fucking sexy tile from Pinterest but source?
(Ok we're back.  I was actually going to do some moodboards and fake decorate some Breaking Dawn rooms being that this is a pseudo-design blog but I realized that I could only fake decorate the honeymoon room on Isle Esme and I don't really like"island" decor so that was out.  Besides, it would have just been a bed and mosquito netting and a toaster oven on the nightstand because seriously - no one wants cold diamond dick no matter how much it jizzes glitter.  Be a gentleman, Edward.  Toast that wang like you're reheating some 100 year old pizza before you get it anywhere near Bella's awkward vag.  

Hold on... I think the other people are starting to wonder.)

Hannah Whitaker via Invisible House
Omigawd is that a perfectly coordinated snake?????!!!

(Ok I think we bought some time.  Even without the pizza/wang reheating, I didn't care too much about sexy sex times because nothing happens when Mormon virgins get married of course and I've already read enough disgustingly filthy fan fiction to completely create that moment much better in my head.   It's a good thing I didn't decide to fake decorate a room because I don't know how to simulate a broken headboard on Olioboard...  only in my brain.  Because of the chains, archery equipment and steampunk goth tractor of course... Thank you fan fiction.  Oddly enough, most of the people in the theater seemed to be cougars and their young dates until I realized it was more likely middle-aged moms and their sons which made the anticipatory silence about the honeymoon really really gross.  I tried to break the awkwardness by rustling around in the large bag of white cheddar popcorn I snuck into the theater.  It wasn't as good as the goodie bags of vodka-soaked gummi bears I made for New Moon but still finger-licking good.)

via Because I'm Addicted

via Michael Paukner. Buy it here.
Wow, this print sure inspires a LOT of discussion regarding the ancient study of the 'harmony of the spheres' - it might be a good idea to start from the beginning and discuss all of it.  Now.

via Aqua Velvet
Make sure to include analysis of the Dymaxion House too.

(My readers love that shit - ok I love it too - but I like discussing vampirical C-sections more because damn.  *riiip*  Did they use the hair and makeup team for sound effects also?  I can't wait to see what kind of fuckery happens with that little weirdo baby in the next movie.  I also can't wait to see Bella turn into one of the X-men because that will be awesome.  And by awesome I mean terrible because the whole thing will probably be awesomely terrible.) 

Gary Hume
And that's why I love it.  

Uh... Love the ART.  Yes, I was totally talking about the art.

Feel free to talk about how much you also love/hate ART or even the Dymaxion harmony of spheres in the comments...


  1. HOLY FUCK MADAME! No slipping snakes in the Sunday Set, ok? I threw my goddamned laptop across the motherfucking room for Chrissakes... BTW, you can just buy me a mac for Christmas to replace it. K? Thanks! Also, diamond dick? Wha?

  2. Also also.. can't tell if that first picture says WOW or NOW or NON or WON... but it makes me want to watch CBS. You can buy me a new tv for Christmas, too, so I can watch CBS. When I threw my goddamned laptop across the motherfucking room it hit the goddamned tv and it busted into a million fucking pieces. Damn. Just damn.

  3. Goddamn, you are such a violent and clumsy motherfucker! I was going to buy you a giant glittery diamond dildo but NOOOOO. Now I have to buy you some electronic shit. Oops, I just accidentally spilled my wine in your brand new mac and tv as I was wrapping it. Looks like this is not your year... : (

  4. Yeah, yeah.. just no more devil serpents, ok? SNAKES ON A BLOG! SNAKES ON A BLOG!

  5. I make no guarantees! I heart snakes. Almost as much as Samuel L. Jackson.