Thursday, December 8, 2011

Today was a good day.

I don't know what y'all were doing in the late '80s/early '90s but if you were like me you were probably organizing your Lisa Frank trapper keeper and alphabetizing your R.L. Stine books while listening to gangsta rap.  

I knew what a gangsta lean was long before I learned to drive.  I could draw you a map of South Central L.A. but probably couldn't make it to the grocery store without getting lost in the woods for a few weeks.  

It was a strange mix for us Gen Y kids.  I bet this blog is the result of that kind of childhood...

So needless to say when the following news made its way across my dashboard today (the 21st century version of my Lisa Frank trapper keeper) I almost squeed myself silly.  

Ice Cube - the icy rapper not on Law & Order: SVU if you don't know (and now you know) -
I do believe this gentleman has a connection to the Westside.
- was an architectural draftsman the same time he was a part of N.W.A.  That's right.  Those blueprints came straight outta Compton.  (What percentage of bloggers are making these jokes you bet?  I say about eleventy-seven.)

So with that kind of background he is, naturally, now narrating a video about the Eames House for the 'Pacific Standard Time: Art in L.A. 1945-1980' - the collection of exhibitions about the post-war art and design in Southern California.

Makes total fucking sense to me. 
Fantastic.  Pictures via NYT
Having this poster would make my life complete.

But the video makes my eternity:

"This is going green 1949 style, bitch.  Believe dat."

Just the greatest collection of words ever uttered in the history of the spoken language.

After seeing this I think I've finally figured out what I want to be when I grow up!  Ice Cube and I are basically the same person because according to the NY Times he was a draftsman for a year and I also have almost zero experience in the design world.  We also both think it's appropriate to check yo self before you wreck yo self.   (Sorry, I can't stop.)  And when feeling saucy, I even sound a bit like Ice Cube (if he had a lovechild with Kellie Pickler that was raised a valley girl) so I think it's only reasonable that I should also get to narrate videos of amazing spaces.  In fact, I should do it all over the world!  Like the Travel Channel meets HGTV but baked in a casserole with a can of cream of chicken soup.  

Best show ever.  Even better than Hoarders and Mad Men baked in a casserole with a can of cream of chicken soup.

Check your local listings in the summer of 2017.

I'm goin hillbilly gangsta style, bitch.  Believe dat.


  1. That was brilliant! Has Bob Borson seen this yet?

  2. I don't know it's HOT of the presses about two minutes ago!

  3. Yo

  4. I'm really not even sure what to say... I didn't realize that Ice Cube and I watch tv the exact same way. The view from my coffee table is amazeballs.

  5. Basically you and Ice Cube are the same person too. (Which makes sense because we're basically the same person already.)

  6. "This is going green 1949 style, bitch"is quite possibly the best line I've ever heard. Ever.

  7. I lived in L.A. from 1982 to 1991. When I say IN L.A. I mean in the region between the Pacific Ocean and Palm Springs (by contrast to claim living in the region around the city as living in Chicago would draw the ire of many, but I digress). The freeways in LA are big and hold lots of cars. Though they move only very slowly - 1 hour of freeway driving in rush hour will take you a mere 40 miles if your lucky (because you'll have to drive like a maniac to pull it off).

    I really dig the "making do with what one has" comment in the video. I also really dig the poster. The pipe is classic, but where the hell is his cardigan!?!

    Ice Cube in a cardigan...



  8. I grew up about 15 miles from Comptom, but it was definitely a world away from Hermosa Beach. We had no gangstas, just lowriders! They used to whistle at us. They might have been desperate...or had bad eyesight, as we were NOT hot.

  9. Emily - I concur.

    Izzy - I have no idea where any of those places are (I can only draw a map of Compton remember?!) but perhaps you encountered some boughie traffic during your time on the freeways?

    I think 'making do with what one has' is a pretty universal concept regardless of of what 'movement' someone attaches to it.

    I would spontaneously combust if I saw Ice Cube in a cardigan.

    AFF - you are so hood and I didn't even know! I would hazard a guess that the drivers of those lowriders were the daddies of gangstas. But a pair of red-headed twins? Hell, I would whistle at such a sight! ESPECIALLY if y'all were rockin the vintage glasses. HOLLA!

  10. I would stab a foo for that poster. What you say Madame are you up for a stabbing spree in hopes of getting your hands on one...?

  11. I'm always ready for a stabbing spree! It's like a shopping spree but I get to release all my rage!