Sunday, December 11, 2011

This makes me exceedingly happy.

Tequila makes the sun rise in my soul.
The ModSauce Ranch had guests this weekend to celebrate an early Christmas.  We celebrated by making tacos and margaritas because that's what the baby jeezus would definitely have opted for over frankincense and myrrh had it been available.  People in olden times certainly had it hard.

To be completely honest, someone else made me the delicioso tacos and margaritas because even after all these months the kitchen of amazing awesomeness still inspires people to create culinary masterpieces.  That was the real purpose of renovating the kitchen...  So other people would want to cook for me.  That's what good design is - manipulative and saucy.

During this party weekend the Satsuma Sunrise was invented.  It's like a regular pitcher of margaritas but had about a dozen satsuma oranges blended into it.  It was so good I almost forgot who I was and celebrated the birth of jeezus.  Or maybe that was the tequila...?

And then of course we had to have an impromptu Design and Styling Challenge because it's a tradition now to create a cocktail out of whatever kind of booze and other drinkable liquids I have at the house and then photograph it looking sexy for maximum legitimacy.  I hear it's what all the cool bloggers do.

Also, it makes it taste better that way. 

And yes those are all things I had laying around the house.  It looks like we're celebrating the Day of the Dead at a Z gallerie in 1976.

Which would be AWESOME.


  1. " That's what good design is - manipulative and saucy." < Best quote of the year

  2. And invisible. Forgot to include that one...

  3. "That was the real purpose of renovating the kitchen... So other people would want to cook for me."

    Well, silly me. I've been going about it all wrong with my clients. Henceforth, I shall lure them with the manipulation and sauciness. Just not my friends; they can't cook. ;-)

  4. If you build it, they will come!

    Just think of the success your business will now have after learning this bit of wisdom. I will obviously take only a small and very reasonable fee for it. ; )

  5. It looks like Indiana Jones was in charge of party favors!

  6. What an awesome idea for a party!!

    *wheels turning...*

  7. This will be made over here VERY soon. Yum.

  8. Fantastic! I like it a little pulpy but I think I'd strain out some of the pulp. Chewing a margarita isn't as fun as it sounds...

    Hope you enjoy!

  9. Great post & the funny thing was that it was the same night that I was drinking that bottle of Margarita mixer (which I finished solo)...

    O_o hehe

  10. You were drinking just the mixer?! You win.


    ; )