Sunday, May 13, 2012

Back to my dreamworld roots: interior porn!

Despite all the wonderful essays I read about how the internet and sites like Pinterest are ruining us and making us create virtual dreamworlds instead of a world that actually exists where we accomplish the things we see on said internet rather than just sit around all day reading blogs, pinning things and eating leftover Thai food watching Sherlock Holmes because that life sounds really really (not) awful...

Wait, where was I going with this?  I can't remember.  I got lost in the Matrix there...
via Designed for Life
But I'd like to get lost in here for a while... HEY OOOOOO!

Aaaanysauce, I think I was thinking about how all I see lately are super traditional rooms with lots of glamorous clutter and expensive furniture where you can see the hand of the designer in every. single. corner. and I was creating this dreamworld that wasn't even a dreamworld that I wanted.  

I was blinded by the shiny things.   It happens. (a lot)

Or it was probably the whole New Traditionalist movement that's kinda taken over.  I'm not immune to playing in fantasy worlds that aren't my own from time to time.   I'M ONLY HUMAN!

original pin but no source
And because I pin on instinct, I just knew that my Pinterest Interiors board were going to be overrun with burled walnut sideboards and teacups and ascots and whatever else people with lots of money and traditional style surround themselves with.

via Head Over Heels
But after glancing at my own Interiors pinboard where all this lovely junk came from, I was satisfied to know that those kinds of fancy things hadn't infected my hobo brain! 

Jennifer Ament's apartment via A Diary of Lovely
I'm still the same old saucy gal who likes some natural cave-like materials, awkward arrangements and bohemian sweat lodge-meets-vintage modern fortress of solitude.

from Fine Home Building but not sure where. Original pin here...
And hobbit fireplaces!!!!!!!!!!!!!

via The Gifts of Life
And definitely headboards like that.

Mickey Muenning's house via Design Boom
And whatever the hell is going on here.

via You Are the River

via The Aestate
Apparently my dreamworld involves lots of gnarly fireplaces.  

via Fox on the Run
Oh dreamworld, we still got it.  Don't you worry about those mean people on the internet or slick antique furniture.  It's just you and me and some gnarly fireplaces and Thai food.


  1. You are so funny! Thank you for taking me into your dreamworld and giving me a big smile. I love your rustic dreamscape, but it's got to be a whole lot more expensive than gilding an ascot in the old traditional way, don't you think? I love that hobbit fireplace, but couldn't come up with the cash for that one. Now I'm going to follow you on Pinterest.

    1. Welcome to the Sauce, Kristen! Yeah, well done rustic bohemian mod is still expensive but is way easier for me to mimic in cheaplandia. Also, DON'T RUIN MY DREAMWORLD WITH YOUR TALK OF MONEY!! ; )

  2. I've always thought that hobo was girly but here's a few images tell me I'm mistaken.

    1. I was confused by hobo being girly then realized you probably meant BOHO! Ha! Or maybe you didn't... But yes, boho doesn't have to be hippie goddess although I have been known to get a little Stevie Nicks on occasion...

    2. Maybe Steve (at least I think it's Steve) does mean hobo...I saw some crusty pieces in a couple of those rooms.

      Some of the spaces also have that edgy 70's vibe to them (I'm surprised to say I'm kinda liking.

      Love your hobbit fireplace...very organic!

      You do entertain you Naughty Sauce!


    3. True. I do love crusty too - my brain is rather hobo. Also, my house is kinda hobo transient chic so...

      Yay for 70s!! I think it is making a bit of a comeback. (In a good way.)

      Thanks Bianca!

  3. That headboard scares me and the spider web fireplace is creepy. Now I'll have nightmares, thanks to your daydreams! aaaaarggghhh

    1. I think you hate more things than you like in my posts... ; ) Also, my other daydream was to give you nightmares. Mwahahahahaa!