Sunday, May 6, 2012

Generation ZZZZZZZZZ.....

Between the ombre hair and dip dye trend, people just canNOT be bothered to complete anything lately.  

Blue on blonde Kate Bosworth from where?  Even if you're over this look I'm not. I'm really current.
Come on, Kate!  The world is turning into a bunch of lazy people that try to get away with half-assed mediocrity as a way of life.

Hey, wait a minute... Those assholes stole my schtick!!  They stole it and then did it way better than me.  

Gawddamn them.

Since I won't be having any ombre hair (lame kid sad face), I'll happily settle for some dip dye furniture.
More blue on blonde from Anthropologie
Multi color ombre seems positively garish to me - I much prefer the natural wood that appears to be eaten by rainbow colors.   It's sophisticated  and formal but still says I'm here to party.  Like jeezus in a tuxedo tshirt.

Judith Seng
Serious, serious design boner, y'all.  Every time I see these pop up on Pinterest stream I squee a bit.  Or a lot.  Definitely see more here.

I think the DIY possibilities for something like this are extraordinary.  My big chunky wood coffee table is practically begging me for a sexy coat of glossy black for one of its sides. 

But it's a natural finish - full of grains and holes and places that once you go glossy black you can never get back.  You really have to commit.  There's no wardrobe change for this tuxedo tshirt.

From a restaurant by Karim Zariffa via The Strange Attractor
If I'm too scared to commit to my coffee table I could always get out my sandpaper and go to town on some other furniture just laying around the house.  Poor, unaware, unsuspecting furniture... you might be getting a little more nekked soon.

However I'm probably too lazy to finish that too (hey don't blame me, it's my lazy generation) so I could always buy something small that's made by someone else who isn't lazy like me.  Someone such as oME & oMy  who makes these squee-inducing utensils that I can't wait to buy in bulk for my kitchen.

And holyshitballs, YES!  She has blue and gold ones.  Well, she used to.  The pink and blue/gold ones have been sold but I think she can do custom ones.  Just sayin, fellow gold lovers...

However if you're more of a brunette lover:
from I Suwannee who already made the 'just the tip' joke I had in mind. She's obviously way more current than me.
...perhaps I can recommend these acacia salad servers that are currently for sale:

They are pretty damn sexy.  They don't have gold tips but maybe you like that because you're not as formal as me. 

It's cool though, I still like to party.

With spoons.


  1. Appropriate analysis for sure. Yippee are we back to "whatever you love works" AKA lazy a$$ design and decor again? This is a trend we can give a rest. How about we start something new: complete something? The hair thing - sorry but just looks stupid.

    Glad you are real! :)


    1. Complete something?! What kind of super rich motivated person are you?!??! I'll take my hair like my lifestyle - colorfully mediocre.

      ; )

  2. This is a diy project that I could do, my mom always said that I leave things half d...

  3. "I like my women like I like my coffee: with a spoon in them...wait" {Eddie Izzard)

    In other news, I'd be more on board with them if a) the hair didn't look so limp and sad and b) that brown/white table leg didn't look like it had mold growing up the side of it. Down with the glossy ombre though.

    1. I like my women (me) like I like that joke: with Eddie Izzard in them.

      Because I'd totally do Eddie Izzard.

      That whole thing was really forced...

      I thought the whole charm of the tipped hair was the sadness! And weirdness. I'm a fan of both so it's still working for me - mold or not.

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