Thursday, May 24, 2012


My normal blogging "schedule" has been jacked up this week because I've been out in the real world doing the shit I actually blog about.  

HUH?!  What the hell kind of fucked up shit is that?  

I know.  It feels weird to me too.  Like I'm in the Twilight Zone of Pinterest or some shit.  But Friday night is the official soft opening of the patio!  *fist pump* 

It looks a lot like this:
A hotel in Thailand that I can't pronounce.  More here.  It's really good.
Maybe a little less rock.  More dead trees and IKEA furniture.

I've been sweeping and planting and cooking and watching my gay husband hang cafe string lights for me.  Busy, busy.  After all my hard work I decided to take some vacation.  Patio squee!  So I'm saying sayonara to the job and buy-bye to the interwebz for the next week or so.  This bitch gonna slum it patio style.

But at the end of my vacation is the PREMIER PATIO EVENT!  The gays are coming.  That's right - TWO parties in a week.  Hell, I already cleaned the bathroom and swept the floors so might as well.  Let's do this shit.

When I return I promise a full on photo spread of such outdoor splendor that it'll do funny things to your panties.  

Happy internetting without me!


  1. That big rock is getting in the way of my good view. Anyway, have a great vacation, and I am going to miss you!

    1. Stupid rocks, thinking they own the place.

      Thanks Kristen - so sweet of you to say! I do miss all my internet people when I'm gone. ; )