Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Nothing sets my world right like architectural paintings and mad ramblings.

Y'all, I'm feeling really out of sorts right now because I've just watched an episode of Strange Addiction where a woman drank ALL of her own urine to help cure her skin cancer.  ...  And just to hedge her bets she used it in her neti pot and rubbed it on her body.  ...  It's called urine therapy and yes I googled it.  

Between that and the really creepy Samuel L. Jackson trying-to-get-laid Siri commercials, my world feels dirty and fucked up.  I'm scared.  And need a bleach neti pot.  My calls to Dr. Who to come and put everything back in its place with fun British hijinks are unanswered.  

Since I don't hear any TARDIS noises coming from the back yard (oh I listen) then I'll settle on bringing some nice, simple, organized structure back in my life.  As in angles and buildings and shit.
Argos Building
*segue QUEEN*
Mies van der Rohe and concrete building (Chicago).  Y'all know the building?
Feeling much better about the world thanks to these super fly watercolors by Amy Park that I discovered on Design Milk.

Blue Violet Post Office
If you need it too, you can bring a little structure to your life by buying some of her prints from 20x200.  No info on whether or not you can buy some Dr. Who visits to your house.

Omigawd.  Genius idea: nerd gigalos for lady geeks!  Forget firefighters and policemen, I bet there's a huge market for a pay-by-the-hour Dr. Who, Bill Nye, any dude wearing suspenders, the ginger from Mythbusters, my college astronomy lab student teacher with the lisp and the super pointy shoulder blades, etc.

Neimeye Facade
I already patented this idea so don't even bother, suckers.  ModSauce readers get a discount because I like to give back.  

And then I'll finally be able to become one of those types of Madames just like my internet name!

Olin Hall OSC
But after 20 years of dealing with sickos and a handful of court appearances, I'll probably end up living alone in the desert with my 457 birds just like Heidi Fleiss and then I'll have to appear on Strange Addiction for my weirdo bird problem.

I should just go ahead and accept that my life is one twist away from a reality show intervention.

Three Chicago Buildings (to be specific it's the Prentice Women's Center and hospital )
Maybe Miss Amy needs to be on Strange Addiction for her obvious window fetish...??  On second thought, I just chose a bunch of her paintings that highlight a bunch of windows so who's the one with the closet window fetish now??!!!!

Eames House 3
Man, having a blog is really great for uncovering all your subconscious desires.  For watercolor windows and Dr. Who prostitute sex?

Eames House CA

I'm not even that surprised anymore by what I uncover here in this totally and completely private space of the internet.   

Grace Miller House PS
It's only me and some really good paintings just hanging out.  Making me wish I would start using my sketchbook for more than just grocery lists and details about my new nerd escort business. 
Shulman House and Studio
I'm kidding.  I don't draw or sketch anything anymore.  That's what Instagram is for!

Jacobsen House LA
Sigh...  I should probably leave the sex trade, art-making and urine drinking to the professionals and stick with my fellow Instagram-using hipster bloggers of madness.


  1. "Completely private space of the internet!" hahahahahahahahaaaaaaa

    1. Nobody's reading this but you and me, right???!?!??!???

  2. Replies
    1. You're going to have to be more specific.

  3. i have spent entirely too many of the last 24 hours trying to figure out what that concrete building is, since i know i have seen it a billion times but after 3 years of working in downtown chicago things begin to blur together. turns out, it's the Hotel Sax and is not a Mies Van Der Rohe building (though the one behind it is... 330 N Wabash).

    1. Thanks for the info, Brandy! The 'Mies van der Rohe' caption was hers so maybe it was in reference to the building behind it...?? Anyway, thanks for the sleuthing. You are awesome.


    Notes annotated with Bill Nye covered in molasses. Or something.

    I married a nerd gigolo and it is awesome. The power of geeky and freaky keeps a girl happy.

    1. Ooh great idea! Soft core porn drawings of geeky freaks - I'm on it. My skillz are kinda rusty but how much talent do you really need for Bill Nye-flavored hentai??

  5. These basically make me want to commit myself to a completely monastic existence of just watercoloring so i can become just as good.

    1. It would take a lifetime of monastic living to make me half as good.