Thursday, July 12, 2012

It's summertime and the living is saucy.

I can't remember what day it is anymore (because of heat and cocktails) but I think I remember large sparkly explosions in the sky recently so I'm going to say it's before Christmas.  

If you're like me you're probably drunk on okra from the farmer's market and laying on the couch without pants and have been since omigawd February?  If that's the case, #1 you should tweet a Madame up sometime so we can talk about how much we hate pants and #2  I think you might like to zone out even harder to these trend forecast videos from WGSN I found via Busy Being Fabulous.

I can zone out so hard I need a time machine so I can go back to 1996 and be in the X Games.

I know that no one else really cares about trend forecasting like I do but I think it's fascinating.  Maybe that's because I think everything's fascinating when I'm okra drunk...  I don't have the energy to talk about the merits of trend forecasting but making zoned out videos about color and pattern is basically my dream job so SHUT YOUR GAWDDAMN FACEHOLE!

It seems like the colors here happen to be largely orangey pank in the top video and kinda  grey and black in the bottom... JUST like my post from Monday!   And y'all just thought I was cuckoo for volcanoes.   Instead I'm just cuckoo for stretching any random bit of media I find into making me seem cooler than I am.

Perhaps another X Games event I would destroy.

Have a trippy weekend, y'all.  I'm going to be doing this on Saturday:

I think my nerd is showing. Hi five if you love Gwen Cooper.

Guess I should put on pants.


  1. I like the first video, because of the cow moo vocals, and the peyote hallucination-esque visuals - it's in my Lakota blood.

    I didn't even watch the second video, though I like it because...Strict Machine! - Goldfrapp rocks (maybe "rocks" isn't the right word, but you get the gist).

    I hope by "doing this on Saturday" you mean jumping around guns ablaze, not merely watching Torchwood? I myself will be in the "Barrington wind-hill fields" putting in 65miles (If legs were guns, mine will be "ablaze").

    Either way, enjoy your weekend MS.

    1. Goldfrapp makes everything 100 times more glittery cool.

      And yes, I'll be gettin my gun on this Saturday but I'll probably follow it by some Torchwood because then that would be the best weekend ever.

      Good luck with your 65 miles! Thems are some serious bragging rights. ; )

  2. luff the electronica cow moos in the first video...

    1. I think I'd like a cd of electronica cow moos doing Gregorian chants.

  3. no, wait....GOATS....well, they already sound kind of electronic