Wednesday, July 18, 2012

This makes me exceedingly happy.

via The Rushing
This is the Barcelona Pavilion and it seems to make Carolyn Butterworth exceedingly happy too, whoever the hell she is.

She seems like a lady that really gets me.

Update!  Twitter smartie @MarielaCampo sent the link to this article where the picture was taken from - a paper on "creative" architectural site survey.  See page 132 for a better picture of Carolyn.  I would like to print that picture and take a picture of myself licking it.  Then the internet would explode.  


  1. "She read in a book that a Saint had
    a vision after licking a wall. The teacher sent home a note saying Charlotte had psychological problems." (Cher in MERMAIDS)

    1. I have the best readers and commenters. Thanks for pointing out my possible psychological problems. OR MY SAINTLIKE QUALITIES!!