Monday, July 16, 2012

Chandeliers really know how to smize.

Does the blog look a little different today?  Just something a little saucier but you just can't put your finger on it?  A certain... maturity and worldliness about it?  It's probably because I POPPED MY GUN CHERRY this weekend and am a real woman now!  

A real badass woman.

I'll tell you all the glamorous details after my 2nd class which is this Saturday.  In the meantime let's look at all the glamorous details about this Kerry Washington editorial from Vogue Italia.

Because DAYUM.  

This is exactly how I look hanging out at the Ranch, too.  Except even more glamour.  And guns.

Ok I don't have a gun but it has a definite badass vibe around here now.  Just like this:

Which is exactly what I look like blogging on my couch.  But I looked like this before the gun class so no change there.

*shifty eyes*

Next party idea: cocktail dresses around the plastic kiddie pool out back.  It'll be a way to wear those old bridesmaids dresses again.  And then we can ruin them by finishing the evening with the slip n' slide.  If you have a strapless dress you're fucked.

Sorry Kerry, I think the star of this is chandelier.  And the... countertop/table?  I'm not sure what that is but I like what's going on there.  I could really spread out when I'm making my cat hairball and Pottery Barn catalog collages. 

My latest piece is called Your soul in an apothecary jar #7.

Seriously, stop sending me catalogs, Pottery Barn.  I ordered one thing 7 years ago as a gift and since then you've killed 17 trees in my honor.  I'd like to put your soul in an apothecary jar!

I look like a real chump wearing shades of orange but I bet if I dressed like that fireplace I could make it work.  Vertical stripes are very slimming.  Especially in stone.

photos from here
So much glamour it hurts.  Also, Kerry stole my avatar's hairstyle and over my dead imaginary cartoon body can someone have take that.

Maybe I'll trade her for a chandelier or three for it.


  1. Aha! The big hair and prints finally made realize why I think she's attractive in a disconcerting way. I think she's beautiful but I have a creeping sense it is because of tininess of her head to giantness of her eyes. Basically she's a skinny anime character with the head of a kitten. Who can act.

    1. You're riiiight. I assumed she was just Hollywood proportioned but when you said that it totally clicked. She's still gorgeous - anime or no.

      But I want my hair back!

  2. PS Congrats on the bang-bang.

    (hur hur)

    1. Thanks - thanks! More exciting details to follow!