Monday, July 23, 2012

Some awesome things and not-so-awesome things...

Yeaahhh... so... this week I was supposed to share with you my delightful journey to from timid country mouse to Gunlandia.  It was nothing but my best for you - inappropriate humor and the over-sexualization of firearms.  But there was also a heartwarming story about your favorite inappropriate Madame nestled inside.  I believe it's what literary critics refer to as "fucking terrible."

Obviously, in spite of recent tragic events I think it's probably best to shelve that little post for the time being.  It's not going away forever because it IS important in my "journey" but I need someone to tell me the appropriate amount of wait time before I glamorize guns.  Well, technically I'm not glamorizing them I'm glamorizing education and ME but I'm not sure I have the writing ability to make that distinction.  

Actually I'm not glamorizing me - basically I'm a sweating mess the entire time.  There is, in fact, no glamour in that post.  I think the literary critics are right. 

I'm sorry I teased you with the hopes of reading all kinds of awesomeness this week because my class in firearm safety WAS pretty awesome for me.  But the timing is not awesome.  

So to apologize I'm giving you this way awesome video put together from clips from the International Space Station.  It makes me dizzy from awesomeness.

Click on the caption to see the video larger - it's worth it.  My post is nowhere near this awesome but just be polite whenever it does see the light of day.

PS. Um... I just realized all my favorite parts of the video (I've watched it a few hundred times) are the clips of the aurora borealis.  Wow.  I just can't seem to do anything appropriate lately.  


  1. The Sheldon Cooper in me digs this (a lot) even if it's more Howard Wolowitz's field of interest.

    1. This should be EVERYONE'S field of interest!

    2. Also, I freakin' dig the music in that clip. So I did a little research, and found that it's from a SciFi movie from the UK - that I will now have to find and watch.

    3. I like your commitment to research. What's the movie?! I'd totally put it in my Netflix queue and let it sit for a year... ; )