Thursday, November 8, 2012

Map this mundi.

So this has been a pretty big week around the ModSauce Ranch.  I've been glued to the tv/computer/twitter stream/bat signal for that little thing... what was it?  with the person...? and the other person...? oh yeah, THE MOTHERFUCKING ELECTION.

*Nate Silver panty orgasmisplosion*

Some bloggers tastefully and non-partisanly urged you to shave your muff in the shape of a donkey or elephant to privately profess your political leanings or whatever it is that polite girls do on election day but we don't fucking do that here.  

I live in Tennessee and 117% of my non-gay neighbors believe that drinking wine is the gateway drug to having gay buttsex with innocent babies so please indulge me a few sentences of judgmental hyperbole and gloating.

Because my vagina has spoken and it says this:
My friend, party host and bat wielder. Follow him and his husband on the twitters.
Well, my vagina isn't gay or a donkey but you know what I'm saying.  This is pre-pinata breaking on election night in the ghetto.  The gay-tto.  And it was marvelous.  That's the definition of saucy right there.

I've had a political hangover for several days now.  I can't stop reading articles about the election even though they all say the same thing and I've been travelling to all corners of the interwebs in search of awesome Obamagifs.  

But if you're tired of my judgmental hyperbole never fear!  Somewhere on tumblr (the home place of all gifs) I found these golden maps that almost distracted me from my patriotic web surfing:
Ewan David Eason's Mappa Mundi project is inspired by the medieval European maps of the world and it makes me happy.  Eason's maps are of modern cities rendered in gold.  Yes, that's not a gradient in Photoshop, it's a reflection.

I'm not sure why these jumped out to me but when I found them I had got into a bottle of sauce and was all emotional after watching Obama's acceptance speech so the idea of ancient Mappa Mundis rendered in gold seemed to make perfect sense for this whole week.

But I have been up late every night and my donkey muff is starting to itch so I'm tired and being impulsive.
But yeah... it was mostly the wine.

Trying to figure out the logic of a drunk and emotional person is circuitous at best but I think I responded to these because of all the roundness (it's like a hug from the world?) and the graphic harmonizing of seemingly disparate places and maybe even something about maps.  To the future?  WHERE IT'S GOLD?!  I like shiny things.

Aw hell, I don't know.  But here it is and I like it.

And look how good they would look in your living room gallery wall.

Just kidding.  That's a teaser because I don't think there are prints for sale.  But let's harass the artist until they are.  We managed to all come together and make some good things happen this week so I think we can do it again for something really important.

But we better hurry because I'm quickly slipping away from civic warrior into normal half-informed asshole.  Right now I'm flipping back and forth between Rachel Maddow and Rambo 4 while drinking the rest of Tuesday's wine out of a mason jar and eating a scrambled egg.  This is the glamorous (and nonsensical) life of a real design blogger.

All pictures from Ewan David Eason.
So thanks for all my twitter friends for hanging out with me during this election season.  It's been hilarious and awesome and terrifying but mostly you made my days bearable.  If you don't follow me on twitter #1 Why not?!  #2 I swear my political tweets will slow down a bit so if you've recently unfollowed me you can come back now. 


I still tweet and blog what my vagina tells me to.  

Which is sometimes art... (?)

I have multiple blogger personality disorder.  In my vagina.

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