Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A 'farewell to summer' tour coming to a dirty creek near you.

I think I'm having a Peter Pan moment regarding summer because I'm not ready to grow up and have it be Fall.  Fuck your pumpkin spice everything (until next month).  It's just now gotten bearable outside even though I'm still considered a personal Ryan's Buffet for all mosquitoes that reside below the Mason Dixon Line.  

Maybe that's why I've got sparkle eyes for these rafts like I'm a hongray skeeter looking at the business end of a Ryan's Buffet of Lacy.  (Pro tip: if you're not a mosquito they're all pleasure ends. I don't know what that means but it sounds kinda sensuous right?!)

I also want to go to the ocean because I bet they don't have mosquitoes there and these rafts look like something Peter Pan would create if Peter Pan was a hippie hoarder.  

They're all created by street artist Swoon (a laaady street artist) and created using found object and tour the rivers of our great, littered country gawd bless Americuh.

As we know, I have a weakness for "found" structures and long time reader(s) might remember my trip to the tallest tree house in the world here and here or if you've read my blog for more than a day.

Been there, did not do that.
He built it because Jesus told him to.  I think Swoon has different, less creepy motives but I appreciate both varieties of architecture equally.

Things like this make my hoarding tendencies seem "artful" and not "symptomatic of larger undiagnosed issues."

Obviously, I like swings on slightly dangerous structures.

Other than 'when are we going to take a Beasts of the Southern Wild-inspired, Peter Pan pirate cruise in a river shack made of floating garbage?' I think the real question here is what would your street artist name be??

There should be some kind of Cosmo Mad Lib quiz about it.  Like, randomly pick an adverb followed by the name of the first person you kissed.

Mine would be Lithely Eric.  (at least that's what I think his name was...  I remember it was during Interview With A Vampire but I think that was the last time I saw him since he rolled my house the next day...?  He wore a very large gold chain so but did have a soft top Jeep so I had conflicted feelings about this outcome being that I couldn't drive yet.)

Or use the Swoon formula and just pick a verb that doesn't have such terrible, self-esteem-damaging connotations in which case I think my street artist name would be Punt.

Yeah, Punt.

So if you're ever hanging out in Burning Man-meets-the Mighty Mississippi and see someone wearing overalls and a feather headdress named Punt it's probably me.  Please help me reapply sunscreen.

all pics via Supersonic Electronic and Wired
Now I don't know whether I need to raid a junkyard or go cry about Hushpuppy and Beasts of the Southern Wild AGAIN.  It took me about three months to control the sobbing the first time I saw it.

Ok new street artist name: Hushpunty.

Punty Pan.

Peter Punt.

I can't stop...


  1. They look like floating party garbage barges.

    My artist street name would be Flutter. Maybe even FlutterButter.

    1. "Floating party garBARGES" sounds like my kind of party!!

      FlutterButter is PERFECT for you!

  2. Wow!, It bring me memories of the Jules Verne Book I read when I was a kid. It was called "la Jangada" it's a Brazilian timber raft that the family on the book uses to travel from Peru to Brazil. Link to the cover:

  3. My Gawd, having the same awesome/queasy feeling as when I went to the God-inspired tree-house website. Jeezy-Creezy, all I can think is that I would be posing with my fluffy dirty sexy-hippie look and suddenly the whole damn thing would sink and become real water-garbage not commentary art-water-garbage, sucking my down with it like the Titanic.

    I know they are small and the physics is against this reality, but I don't care.

    Also my graffiti name would be Tallulah Spankhead....wait, that might be my fake porn-star name. Or maybe I'm remembering a real porn star? I'm so confused. I need sleep.