Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Things that are making me exceedingly happy but mostly 2 Chainz and Twitter.

Good things are happening around the MS Ranch this week.  Let's review:

-  a big project at work is successfully finished so I've stopped anxiety-scratching my arms til they bleed at night.  Ahhh sweet relief.

-  the excruciating and immobilizing pain I felt all weekend due to my tailbone somehow (looks at Charlemagne) getting popped out of place is now gone thanks to my chiropractor's magic hands of tough love. I can walk again and it is glorious.

-  I ran out of real pasta so I had to crumble lasagna noodles into bite size pieces to make dinner and it actually turned out not gross.

- I saw a cute elephant cuddle.  On the internet.

So...  basically my life has been upgraded from really terrible to just mildly sad and pathetic now.


Let me share with you some other things that are making me happy lately.  It's the little things, y'all.  Don't ruin this for me.

Solitary mason bees (Illuminati bees?!) make larvae nests from flower petals that are so pretty I kinda of want to cry.  We also need to have a discussion about bees soon.  I'm turning into one of those people.

In related color coolness (it's a real thing), I've been looking at these gifs nonstop since July and can't stop.

via This Is Colassal
These are macro shots of oil, ink and soap from Russian designer Ruslan Khasanov.  You should light some candles and grab a towel and watch the full video.

It's like pure sex.  Throw in some naked people and this is what my dreams look like.

This is what some of my other dreams look like:

Erwin Wurm via But Does It Float
Make of that what you will but it still makes me incredibly happy.

In more celebrity-centric happy Lacy news, 2 Chainz - rapper, big booty lover and 'diffrent' bon vivant - has released a cookbook called #Meal Time on iTunes if you buy the deluxe version of his latest album.  

It looks like The Colbert Report was in charge of graphics.

I haven't bought a full rap album since Dutty Rock because 27 of the 32 tracks on that album were gawddamned skits and I'd had enough.  

But for this?!
via Grubstreet
I might make an exception just for the chainz in the background.  Food bloggers, this is how you do shit up right.

vis Jezebel
You need to enlarge this recipe immediately.

2 Chainz also has other helpful tips like "Put on your Versace apron." and "Call Fergie, invite her to watch a movie on Netflix.  Once she accepts, start making green beans."  I'm not making this up.  Read more here.

In other celebrity news, I think I might be one now because of Twitter.  I recently sent this 140 character gem out into the cloud:

Obviously, comedy gold.  I think I then bantered a bit with @turnageb and @mommyboots about some weird shit (I'm not humiliating them on purpose - just to let you know it takes a village) which resulted in this:

Look, it made sense at the time.  If you're not on Twitter you wouldn't understand.

A very nice person @toddcaton then alerted a Twitter artist @lambchops1  to such fuckery and asked him to draw it because this is a thing that happens on the twitters.

And he did.

You guys.  This is probably the best thing that's ever happened to me and could only be surpassed one day if an actual tiny David Bowie goblin got freaky with my belly bloat.

My favorite part is the accuracy of the face.  Little did I know when I snapped that awkward selfie for my avatar that it would be end up being such a universally applicable expression.

I'm going to keep riding that cartoon-inspired high through the weekend because my birthday is Saturday! I turn 33 which feels like a really good year and a really good number to be.  

Maybe I'll make some recipes from 2 Chainz's (2 Chainz'?) cookbook in hopes of eating enough to summon a goblin to reenact the sketch above.  

Without the feds watching.


  1. Thanks... now I'm going to be researching those bees half the night, and that's really going to eat into my scheduled eating-chocolate-and-watching-QI time. :)

    And those gifs are hypnotic. I may still be watching them tomorrow morning...

    1. Those bees are like nature's graffiti artists!

      I like to multi-task while I'm binge eating and watching tv so best of luck to you.

      Watch the video that those gifs were taken from - you'll be down a rabbit hole for days... Bring chocolate.

      PS Welcome to the Sauce, Jodie!

  2. You have your own twitter inspired cartoon. **Bows down**

    1. I think it was more luck than anything but I'll take it!

  3. Have you ever heard of Thug Kitchen? It's some pretty funny stuff, and some really good recipes.

    That is an awesome cartoon.The David Bowie gremlin looks so happy to be snuggling your belly.

    1. He SHOULD be happy - I have a very nice distended belly!

      I have not heard of Thug Kitchen but will google it immediately! Sounds right up my alley.

  4. You're famous! Now I will never get the David Bowie Gremlin rubbing your belly out of my head. Um, thanks?

    We would all be better off if we had gremlins to rub our bellies and do our laundry. I guess my kid counts as a gremlin but she's more into destruction than housework, sadly. At least we've brainwashed her into thinking cleaning up her toys is fun. Hope that lasts.