Sunday, October 6, 2013

Rad pank: colors for a dying summer star.

Every few months the heavens shift, the planets align and somewhere whales sing a special song of simultaneous joy and loneliness and I like pink for a brief period of our miserable time on earth.  

It's like Lacy in retrograde.

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Or maybe I'm just holding on to summer and refusing to let go.  This tapestry by Evelyn Ackerman titled Hot Summer Landscape is MY EVERYTHING right now.  

Every time I see a pumpkin sitting on a bale of hay I cringe.  I want to take a flamethrower to the infinite mum display at the front of every grocery store.

If we're keeping this cosmic metaphor, like a dying star I'm intensely fusioning (real scienze word) for bright, summery colors and will eventually burn myself out into an autumnal death.  But it's 85 degrees and I'm still groin-sweating through my pants when I'm mowing the grass so I've probably got a few more weeks left.

I'm burning hot for these Kate Spade earrings too which is sooo preppy of me.  I told you I was in retrograde.  Fortunately I'm not groin-sweating through anything when I'm online shopping so that's good to know.

OR AM I?!?!??!?!?

Jessica Helgerson

I think the key is that I gotta put some black with it.

Marja Inez
Or cats.  Cats are always good.

NG Collective print on Etsy
Or blobs.  Blobs are always good too.

Sorry, Marie...
Me.  Wearing makeup.

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I actually have been going against my usual preference of looking as bland as humanly possible and wearing super bright lips.  Don't worry, the rest of me is still the Gap version of goth bland so it's kinda like I'm a walking funeral for my butterfly mouth.   

For my fellow makeup enthusiasts, I'm ADDICTED addicted to NYX.  It's candy for your lips.  I love every color and they smell like what cartoons rainbows would probably smell like and you can put that on your face.  They don't get sticky or bleed and are super cheap at Ulta and I'm now your candy facerainbow pusher.

But if you like painted canvases instead of painted faces I've also been enjoying all of MFAMB's paintings lately...
Jenny Andrews Anderson of MFAMB
She always has squee-worthy pank down in the Hotlanta.

Skeleton Clock III
Also check out my Twitter friend, fellow Tilda Swinton enthusiast and pink pimp Matthew Best.

One day I'll get around to buying so good art but until then...

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PLANTS!   My track record with green things is... checkered... we'll say but I feel victim to the bromeliad's flashy center bits.  It was just sitting there whoring it up for me and I couldn't resist.  Also, it kinda matched my pink and orange shoes so I figure the Universe WANTED me to buy it.

If I kill it let's pretend this never happened.

I was also momentarily seduced (remember, Lacy Sauce in retrograde) by these blossom thingies until a plant smart person (thanks @_emily_rose) told me even dummies can grow zinnias.  GUESS WHAT I'LL BE PLANTING NEXT SPRING, Y'ALL?!??!

That's right, lipstick plants.

Until then...
Chatelaine Magazine via Design Milk pink and orange pumpkins?!  I don't know how I feel about this but I'm putting this here for you.  Because I care about your front porches and seasonal tablescaping.

But I'm still thinking about bright furniture and summer plants so y'all just keep pinning those recipes for pumpkin spice sex lube and I'll be hanging out here...
Elle Interior Sweden
Carrying this.
Kinda Khalidy
And tablescaping like this:
Patrick Cline for Lonny
Just kidding I can't tablescape.  I just throw my mail in artful piles and call it a day.  Hhmm... maybe we need to talk about proper 'scaping soon because this dying star is clueless.

Prepare for pink dump...
via Little Green Notebook

Thomas Jackson

James Welling

Yes all things gradient pink and orange please.

Erica Fae
ME. I wish.  But this IS my hot orange/red/pink lipstick life muse and I love everything about her and whatever brand of magic is going on this picture.  This shade of red/pink (heretofore known as rad pank) is where my heart is.  I think it might be the color of the year for 2015.  But maybe I'm talking crazy...

via YNG

Jay Stewart Photography
Or I'll take this and some freckles please and I think I'm having a girl crush moment...

Put some black on it.  And see the other amazing fashion illustrations by Daryl Feril here.

And if I'm not thinking about rad pank I've been completely consumed with this:

BigBadRobot Etsy print
I'm not ready for it to be over.  I'm still grieving and refuse to take off my Blue Sky-inspired nail polish.  I've been watching old episodes again - no shame.

Good thing that bromeliad was so cheap so I can spend some money on posters inspired by tv shows.  Am I really that person now?!

Who cares as long as my lipstick looks good.


  1. I love everything about this post. Love how your eyes (okay, brain) arranges and collects things. I now madly want the purse and the earrings. I can afford neither but they can go on my endless "me want" list (aka Pinterest) for some future time when we have no

    1. I have a list of things I want in the future when I have no debt aka things I will never have list. Sigh...

      Thank you for your sweet words about my post and brain. Even though all these posts feel like a dump I actually DO spend a long time deciding which images I like best and how specifically to arrange them in a pleasing manner. I'm glad someone else noticed. ; ) (although if you didn't that's totally cool too I do it for me mostly)

    2. They don't at all seem like a dump. They are well crafted, visually organized and witty for an extended period of time. It shows tot hose who know what to look for. :) Creativity is hard work. Anyone can like something but to articulate how and why is freakin' skill.

    3. I've been thinking about this comment all weekend - it really gave me a boost to my blogging spirit lately. Thank you. ; )

      But I still reserve the right to post terrible, unfunny and ugly posts from time to time. I can't win 'em all...