Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Spring has sprung and it's very flashy.

Hello, Spring!

You fucking fuck.

The pollen count is about 2000 whatever-units-they-measure-pollen-in when it's supposed to be 15 so I've been laying on my couch in a pile of Kleenex.  It's almost like an angelic cloud of fluff until you realize the Kleenex are covered in snot but whatever.

I've been watching Sopranos all day and wishing Carmella Soprano would bring me some homemade soup.  Or this on a platter:

It's the nose - you know I have a nose fetish.  But mostly I'm straight up loving some old-skool, Versace-looking, over-the-top Baroque shit from the '90s.  
Particularly if you're wearing it with nothing but a leotard or panties.  Cassie (remember her?) is down with it.

Speaking of leotards:
I used to drink the hatorade for her but now I'm Team Nicki forever.  Particularly when she's shooting some machine guns but maybe that's just me.

Linda in Chanel here
I'm not going to step out of the Ranch like this but any reason no matter how fantastical to put on more jewelry is ok by me.  Frankly, even if there isn't a reason I'm down for it.

Linda's outfit above made me think of Pour It Up.  Lady hip hop stars probably work it best.  Sorry, Carmela Soprano.

A whole board of Carmela hair here!
So many great Carmela mom jeans with gold belts but I couldn't find any on the internet.  Guess we'll have to rely on models.

Chanel 1991 here
Chanel 1991 here
And, of course, the Queen:

I don't think I have the restraint to not pile on hundred fifty-leven necklaces with this but I'm feeling it.  Or at least I am today with my snot-addled brain.

I would like to put on some silk shirts, lots of gold chains and get off this couch to go here:

Garden photography by Guy Hervais via The Style Saloniste
And also breath through my nose.  

Update:  After reading that Philip Johnson was a Nazi supporter last night I then learned (or did I know and had forgotten?) that Coco Chanel was also a Nazi sympathizer and just general terrible human being.  This really taints my gold chain addiction right now but the more you know. *shooting star*

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