Thursday, April 17, 2014

Like Jesus I've been resurrected from blog death!

It has come to my attention this week that the ultimate tragedy has befallen our nation: YOU WERE NOT ABLE TO READ MY BLOG.  Apparently there was some kind of Blogger/Feedburner fuckery because new posts did not show up in RSS readers or email subscriptions since about January.  I only discovered this when my post earlier this week prompted Feedburner to wake the fuck up and send the entire backlog all in one dump and it confused people.

Thanks a fucking lot, internet things that I do not understand how they work.

Also, thanks to y'all for not even telling me!  I could have been dead, my rotting corpse hunched over on top of my laptop, Charlemagne long since eaten my eyeballs then moved away, and y'all would be like "I think she's just on hiatus..."

I would never leave for two months without telling y'all.  That's just rude.  Two weeks, maybe.  Ok maybe three like in that one summer a few years ago when it was just too damn hot to blog but never months.  

So I hope you're still here and thanks to the people that check on my site old school style or came through from Twitter.  I really should be better about tweeting myself but that seems really hard when I'd rather tweet about US Airways blunders and the weather.

So I'm not posting anything of real value today, just letting you know am I NOW aware of the problem and trying to investigate the why.  So a quick recap of what I've been up to lately?  Um...

First off, I read these while spending some time in airplanes the past few days:

All excellent.

In bloglandia, I've been planting a lot, ants make really good architects, I saw American Hustle, I WANT to see this cabin, I thrifted - A LOT - and I gave some of my latest travel and moisturization secrets to you.

Most importantly, I've kinda been redecorating my bedroom.  It needed some love after many sad years of bland and I got kinda inspired by this whole jungle theme which I totally appropriately named Heart of Darkness.  But don't worry, the jungle theme is only for blog lyfe and inspiration.  But I made a real mood board and have slowly been changing up my beauty rest space and have painted all the walls and made some other progress.  Mostly a mess but some progress too.

I think that's the main stuff.  The sad part is that I've made a pointed effort to blog more this year only to find out that almost no one is reading it.  Sigh... such is blog life.

Anyway, welcome back, missed you, love you, let's drink some chai spiked with booze and talk about my plants and paint colors and eggs.

In light of this weekend, y'all know I'd rather cut off my infamous beauty mole than celebrate the resurrection of Christ but I did run across these Easter eggs - let's call them Spring Equinox Eggs of Blessed Fertility aka Mother Nature's Ovary Glitter - and was kinda amazed.

They're decorated with flowers and then wrapped in onion skins and boiled.  Our ancestors really knew their shit.

See the full tutorial and pictures at Ulicam
But mostly about eggs and pretty colors.

Hopefully we won't have any more blog issues but please holler at me if you're having problems with something - commenting, feedly messing things up, you think I might be dead.

You're on your own with eggs though.


  1. Oh god, I feel awful now, I use Bloglovin to read your blog and it called to my attention that there where no new posts, I thought "well maybe she is working on something important... and doesn't have time for us" ... aaand some times I thought about sending an email,but I didn't, and like 4 hours ago I thought Ok, I will check pinterest tonight, to see if she is under that pinterest fever, were you pin everything and blog nothing. Buuut I have to thank you, thank you for make me see the truth, I'm the queen of the procrastination. However in my "defense" I have to admit I was terrified of email you and get a bad news, so that's why I choose the "she is writing a book and needs time on her own" option. God even Krakatoa, sent me that awful "you didn't check on her" look like 2 days ago, now I will have to apologize to her too. SO SORRY

    1. Don't worry - I was probably being a little overdramatic above... ; )

      I can assure you that Krakatoa is probably way more upset than I am so you should definitely worry about soothing that hurt more than me. I was probably a bad blogger and didn't check my stats like I should and other technological things that I don't really understand so I take responsibility too.

      Also, a book?! Bahahahaha I most DEFINITELY would inform y'all of that should it ever happen. Blerg.

      Nice to have you back!

  2. I thought it was a Gmail setting that was messing with my swift delivery. But once I figured it out, I killed more than a few hours reading the backlog of awesomeness I'd missed. And, naturally, it was awesome.

    1. So sorry for the mixup but appreciate you taking the time to read the backlog. Although I kinda feel like I should apologize for that too?


  3. I did the same, a few days ago. I thought, wait, I'm following MS ( I think?) and I haven't seen a post in ages.I went and checked the blog and I saw a bunch, and just figured it must be somehow be a glitch on my end. I then read the backlog and conveniently lurked. I'm good like that.

    1. Lurking always appreciated! Thanks for thinking of me and visiting the blog. Will try to prevent this from happening in the future. Sigh...

  4. I had no idea you were blogging all that time! I thought you had just taken a break. Stupid sexy technology.

    Off to read your old posts now.

    1. Yeah, so did everyone. It's cool, thanks for still sticking around!