Tuesday, April 29, 2014

This makes me exceedingly happy.

Andy Harman's Owl for Jonathan Adler and Simon Doonan's
Shelter Island vacation home via Dwell
You can stop now.   This piece of macrame cannot be topped.  We've reached the tipping point of the trend and you might as well just burn that acrylic wall-hanging you bought at Goodwill last week because this owl poops that junk out on the regular.

Or you don't have to burn it. I'm very pro fiber-on-the-walls.  I had a few shaggy rag rugs I hung on my walls for years and people thought I was batshit crazy.  I eventually caved to peer pressure (also, I think I found a spider living in there) but I think it might be time to let that sad heap of textiles bump uglies with some sheetrock again.

So carry on with your Snuffleupagus wall art dreams, friends.  Let's craft the hurt away.


  1. This was #flawless, and then you pulled out the Snuffleupagus reference. You are the queen. (PS, I'm still confused and excited about next Friday.)

    1. Snuffleupagus FOREVER!

      I think there was talk of getting a gang of tweeps out for burgers... I'm not sure how it started but yay burgers! Also, maybe it's the 16th...? I'm confused. We'll work it out! ; )

    2. What makes me exceedingly happy is your batshit~crazy brilliant blog posts..., keep em` coming it's our oxygen, really...

      Thank You!

    3. Ann, you are the wind beneath my batshit crazy dreams!