Thursday, April 3, 2014

Maybe she's born with it, maybe it's architecture face.

Ok I can explain...

I was done thrifting but then I HAD to go to the thrift store to schedule them to FINALLY pick up the washing machine that has overstayed its welcome on my back porch.  You know what they say about fish and unused appliances...

I'll miss that giant signal of white trash life but figure I have plenty of other things that will fill in the gap.

So I only went in to the thrift store for a minute to casually peruse the decor aisle while I waited on someone to help me juuust in case something needed me to rescue it from it dismal life in a fluorescent-lit concrete brick building and lo and behold I was a SAVIOR.

I'm the Jesus Christ of vintage lamps and my wallet dies a little for humanity's lack of creative vision every time they throw out a quality item.  I'm a very happy and stylish martyr/hoarder.

So now that we've gotten the brass and blasphemy out of the way (Brass and Blasphemy is the name of my brass quintet that plays all gospel music except we replace every mention of Jesus with a long, sad trombone sound), I am here to tell you that progress is in fact being made in my bedroom.

You're not going to see any of it right now but things are happening.  It's Spring and there are a million house projects happening right now and I'm doing them all at the same time which means none of them are complete.  My house is in transition.  It has a giant blue aura.

At least I think that's the correct color...  That's what a psychic told me one time when I had a blue/turquoise aura which he told me meant change and transition so obviously none of that could be wrong.

While I'm busy chopping down trees in my yard and having an existential crisis over the state of my closet for the third time, have you seen these amazing Archiportraits by Federico Babina?

I give them 5 out of 5 squees.

That's a lot of squees.  I'm exhausted.

*squee afterglow*

He also has a series on movie sets called Archiset and houses in movies called Archicine.

I think I like the portraits the best because how can you resist Louis Kahn smiling at you?

Or Oscar Niemeyer waving at you?!


You can buy prints of these and all of his other work at Society 6 should anyone want to get a head start on my Christmas.  8x10s are $25 and they go up to a 28x38 for $83.

I kinda want an entire wall of prints for maximum ArchiRainbowPortrait.

I've been trying to think of what my portrait would look like if you combined the things I've created and/or am known for and... it's not pretty.

It'd be things like an old laptop, a box of wine, a shoe with a broken heel, glasses, lipstick, a dirty porch with a washing machine on it, a vintage lamp, a wheel of cheese and some cheap bracelets.

Originally found via Dezeen but make sure to check out Babina's website for lots more.
I'm sure you'd want to put that on your wall as much as Zaha!

I'll try to give you a real update on the bedroom next week.  I saw a bunch of bloggers are starting an 8-week room makeover project right now and I have a sneaking suspicion that they'll be finished before me...


Better get to patching that nightstand...

*lovingly hugs new lamp instead*


  1. Can we talk about Niemeyer's bloody hand? Or we not talking about that?

    1. OMG I didn't even notice! Maybe he has stigmata?!??!?!