Monday, January 3, 2011

Vroom, vroom.

This madame is still on vacation circa 2010.  I've been wearing the same "yoga" pants and haven't eaten a vegetable (other than salsa) for four days.  It's all been gloriously illuminated by the tiny lights of my Christmas tree that still proudly stands in the center of my living room.  I'm looking to take it down some time in February.  I can't be bothered to actually do anything productive yet and I'm still revving my bloggy engines but that affords me plenty of time to fantasize about what I want my new year to feel like.  I'm thinking this:
Just me sitting on the junk pile in my backyard.  Tired.  Plaid.  But insanely fabulous.  Emphasis on the insane.

Are there enough black eyed peas in the world that I could eat to bring me this outfit?  Head thingy included.  I'd rock the shit out of that.  


Why am I not more Asian for 2011?????!!!!!  (Note to self: buy a motherfuckin skull headband for chrissake!)

Notice the pink.  I'm totally foreshadowing future posts.  What other design blogger utilizes literary devices in picture form?  None.  NONE I TELL YOU!!!!!  I'm gonna be all writey this year and be waay smartier than last year (starting next week) and use big cuss words and, like, try and shit. 

I think there are going to be a lot of layers this year.  I'm really complex.  Try to keep up.  

And I'll definitely be using lots of looks just like that.  The "I'll-fuck-you-up-and-spread-you-on-my-toast" kind of looks.  They would be a lot more effective if my hair looked like that but you'll just have to read the intent in my dagger eyes.

Whatever this is I definitely want it in my year.  Turban, jean jacket, war paint and a horribly impractical dress probably because the walking dead have taken over after the zombie apocalypse and we're resorting to primitive tribal fantasies and Ralph Lauren commercials from the 80's to stay alive.

Vogue Spain via FGR
I'm totally going to be the queen madame of this tribe.  

As soon as I get out of my "yoga" pants.

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