Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Pimpin ain't easy but shopping is.

Yesterday's post made me cranky so I figured we'd talk about something infinitely more fun - shopping!  Every year around the holidays bloggers pump out wish lists and gift ideas for every type of person imaginable.  Are you a nerdy dog-loving emo Harajuku girl with six fingers on one hand and a love for purple and indie-electro-pop music?  Then we have just the list for you!  But I guess since the JCP catalog is now defunct (RIP) then these wish lists are all we have anymore to shop from.  Hopefully kids now have moms who know how to use the internet because mine doesn't so without the JCP catalog I would have been fucked.

Everybody seems to love pretending to buy gifts from the lists but do people actually shop from them?  I doubt it so I'm going to start the annual "Shit I Bought Myself" post holiday roundup and then you can be just like me if you want.  I'm treading on dangerous territory here because I told most of my friends I wanted to keep Christmas small because I'm broke but now I'm showing them WHY I'm broke.  Hey - priorities.  It's all about ME this year remember??  It's also the end of January and I'm still shopping for me so this post is still completely relevant.

First off, I'm functionally retarded when it comes to gadgets but I bought a Roku at the advice of a saucy friend and love it!  I feel so fancy.  Please don't mention Google tv if you think it's better because it'll embarrass Santa.

you're adorable Roku
It's a precious little box of goodness that streams all my favorite episodes of Arrested Development from Netflix and Hulu and Amazon and I can jam to my favorite Bieber stations on Pandora.  It also has a bunch of other weirdo channels...  Crappy 1940's Westerns?  You're in luck.  I even installed it (I plugged it in) all by myself.  I'm so tech savvy I think I'm going to go write some code right now.  *beep boop beep*

West Elm's Winter Ice canape plates but they're gone now. Your loss.
These are perfect when I serve my selection of tiny boxes of raisins and Triscuits when I'm hosting a fancy No Expectations Party.

from abbytrysagain
I heart snakes so this print was an easy sell.  $11.  Done.

Photoshop fabulosity courtesy of Makeup and Beauty Blog
Bliss Blood Orange + White Pepper products smell so damn good and therefore I do too.  Thanks Santa.  The Bill Compton cameo was just a bonus but this graphic obviously implies he would like it too.  SOLD!!!

You know you want it too.
I'll never craft anything out of this book just like I never made a recipe out of her cookbook but it made me pee my pants.  Must have.

Oh and I'm buying myself some of these:

Except with MORE cathedral arches!!  You can never have enough cathedral arches when it comes to oak cabinets!!!  I'll be ordering them next week for an extra late Christmas present to myself and I'll tell you all about them so you can get up close and personal with these beauties. 

But since I spent all my money on the fun things above there are a few things that ended up being out of my price range.  Wah wah waaaah...  Like these little guys:
from Syma Small Works
That's 24k gold on the insides of those little 3" smoked pots but at $90 for ONE it means I'll have to start pimping hos out of the new kitchen  They do come with a poem though.  Next year....

And I'll have to pass on this scarf.
Grommet Scarf via Design for Mankind
At $225 I did a WTF double take but I do love that hardware.  Oh do I love it...  Who needs a sink?  This scarf will satisfy my thirst for fashion accessories. 

I also technically can't afford this:
But I'm figuring that the pimping business I'll be doing out of the newly remodeled space will definitely pay for it because even though pimpin' ain't easy I think Ice T showed us that it does indeed bring success.  Or at least a job on the best version of Law & Order next to Christopher Meloni.  


  1. Oh hey! I can help you get the lovely oak cabinets with "to die for" cathedral arches?? Where do i ship?? Just ripped out of house yeaterday! In fact, we tries to save the wallpaper as well so maybe you want the scraps? Just let me know:)!
    Oak should be outlawed unless rifted or qtr sawn. And the only cathedral i want to see was in Cologne. Not really sure needed to see that one. No beer served. Hell not even wine? And you know those catholics love their wine.

  2. Tonia - uh yeah, me neither!

    Details and Design - I'm definitely on a budget so please send whatever scraps you have! I'll just combine your charity with whatever I find at the Habitat ReStore to make it look really unique. Please address to Madame Sunday - Chattavegas, TN and they'll know where to find me.

    I scanned your comment fast and thought you wrote "cathoholics" - heehee.

  3. Wait a minute... Am I the Habitat ReStore?

    Oh oak cathedral cabinets, how I loathe thee.

  4. Nick - You're like the Habitat ReStore on crack! But in a good way. ; )

  5. The cost of the scarf does seem hefty! Though it is a cool scarf, and it's unisex too (according to the information at the original website). I'm guessing it's got 50 bucks in materials (considering the exotic fabrics they're made of).

    I think I may try to make one…


  6. Izzy - WHAT!?!?! I assume you mean make one for both you and me so we can have matching ones. I'll pay you $12.37 or a couple pints of ice cream - whichever comes out cheaper.

    And thanks for actually clicking through to the source! I get lazy about my sourcing because no one ever follows it so I'll be better and more thorough with it in the future. Pinkie swear.

  7. Actually it was that awkward "what", in response to the (slightly) too long silence following publicly revealing something that's normal (TOTALLY normal), but generally unexpected about oneself. In practice it didn't work as well as in my mind; sometimes the voices trick me into hitting the post button before an idea is fully baked.

    I'm changing the "WHAT" into me being incredulous about your "source researching laziness."

    Madness has it's benefits.


  8. Izzy - Honey, I gotcha. My "WHAT" was actually the really fast mirror response to your "WHAT" to ease the tension you may have felt after your (implied) too long silence after your COMPLETELY TOTALLY normal and badassical revelation about yourself.

    I won't tell anyone about the voices if you won't judge me about my laziness, deal?! Deal.