Sunday, January 9, 2011

The circle of life. And death. And annoying neighborhood kids.

I'm somewhat obsessed with images.  I collect them in folders on my desktop and cork boards and websites and in my purses and magazine holders and under refrigerator magnets and any place else I can stuff something.  Mostly I don't evaluate them I just see it and if it makes me pause for a moment - my Malcolm Gladwell Blink gut check moment - I rip it out or right click save it and dump it somewhere.  I just need to OWN it!!  When I go back to look I usually discover a pattern I wasn't aware of: my recent obsessions with swan chairs, a penchant for navy blue, rainbow unicorns.  You know, just whatever.  DON'T JUDGE ME!!!!!!

In the latest case it's round things.

via ffffound

via ffffound
This makes me squee.

Paul and Kate Studio on etsy
This makes me squee harder.  It's a bank!  Made of lava!!!  (it's not)

via but does it float
It's a... uh...  a thing!

via dethjunkie
Awww hell I don't even know...  Just admire its scientific roundiness.  It looks important.

Buy the button at I Love Femail Orgasm
Oops!  How'd that get there?    (But really, who doesn't?)

Christine Tillman via seesaw

This is an ancient bowl transcribed with Hewbrew/Aramaic prayers that people in olden times would bury underneath a house to trap demons.  The ModSauce Ranch totally needs a few of these.  Does it also keep away the neighborhood kids who keep trying to get me to buy shit for their school?   That's really starting to get on my nerves.

Ezekiel's chariot of ascension/Merkaba from here
It's like the fucking Da Vinci Code up in here!  Moving on...

Damien Correll
Is that Honeysuckle pink?

via ffffound

Jonas Val

via of fire and exhibition

via dispokugel
If those neighborhood kids would sell this I wouldn't need a demon trap to stop them.  I'd need buckets of candy on my doorstep to lure them in.  That's not as Hansel and Gretel creepy as it sounds.  But it's true.

via dvdp
Circles are EVERYWHERE y'all.  I think preschoolers should name it the shape of 2011. 

via Yay Everyday
Just kidding.  It would be the triangle.  

Tanya Johnston via seesaw
You get a twofer!!

There wasn't really a point to this post other than showing a collection of intriguing images, however as I was compiling them I noticed a pattern withIN a pattern:

via the absolutely amazing blog I'm a Woman (You are a machine) 
The small patterns of growing bacteria in a petri dish.

Bryan Nash Gill via tomorrow started
Print of actual tree rings.  (Want soooo bad!  Kids, I'd buy all your tickets to band camp for this!)

via dethjunkie
The moon.

Jewish lunar zodiac calendar via Moer Foundation
The stars.

Paradiso Canto
Dante's heaven.

via yeayeayeayea
And a map of Hades.  It don't get no bigger than heaven and hell.

It's like a just created the Madame Sunday version of the Eames Powers of Ten video but roundier.  

And more soul touching.  

Possibly more orgasms.  

But less kids.  

That would be wrong.


  1. The arm one totally creeped me out... like I had to run past it like an open closet door at night when I was a kid... creeeeeeeepy.

  2. Babe - I'm so desensitized to creepy that I just think it's cool now! But the artist, Emilio Gomariz, has another one with feet. Be happy I gave you the hand one... ; )

  3. The feet totally scare me. Thank God it's not a buch of John Maddens going in a circle. That would be mortifying.

    However, I love images, still or animated, that capture you and cause you to think -- not necessarily about the artists' motives or message, but just think.

    Cool collection.

  4. Jamey - at least those feet don't need any Tough Actin Tinactin! That'd be gross.

  5. It's all a bit uncanny to me, but (like you) I collect far more images than is normal (or safe). Though I must say some of the images you've put up on ModernSauce are definitely must-haves!

    I've been asked many times the reason for this behavior, and every time I tell a story that I'm The Archivist:

    "The Archivist fanatically documents life as it unfolds each day. Every face met is photographed, every action (including the actions of others) are recorded, and every place (real or imagined) is meticulously mapped.

    The Archivist's obsession in this task is a result of amnesia. The Archivist cannot remember the simplest details. Spending much time reconstructing them; placing them into the context of a life constructed from the fragments of a fleeting present.

    The inhabitants of the universe know nothing of the archivist's affliction. They only know that this is the most comprehensive collection of the life and times of the universe, and it's inhabitants. In this manner they're granted reprieve from their own memories."

    Freaky I know, but I'm rarely asked the question by the same person twice (a fact that I find very humorous)! Having read this installment it's clear I'm going to have to revise THE archivist, to AN archivist.


  6. like a hand wreath. a writhing hand wreath. ech. live snakes would make a really creepy wreath, let them find their own pattern tho, not like the machine hands, which I imagine are really robot hands, not human. what else you got in your house of images, Madame??

  7. Izzy - I love that you spend those few extra minutes to comment! Always a pleasure. ; ) I think if I were ever to hear that explanation I would ask a thousand more questions not stop talking to you about it... I think I approach "the archive" a little differently - I see ONLY the details. Too much in fact! I capture that fleeting moment and then use the archive to see the context that I couldn't see before; gain a greater understanding of myself or others in that moment. Maybe you can still be THE Archivist but I'll use the archive to become The Pattern Reader. I won't steal your thunder!

    Cindy - oooh snakes would be awesome! I think the hands are robots too - and I think they make a "whirring" noise... but maybe that's just my crazy shining through... And I have puh-lenty of images but I'll space them out so in between those posts you guys can read more sauciness. ; )