Sunday, January 30, 2011

So good you won't even miss the cheese!

Remember when it rained and my roof leaked so I rode a rainbow and found things in my fridge and then won some badass furniture and then wrapped it all up in a hilariously poignant and soul touching story?  Well guess what was delivered to the Ranch last week?

I'll give you a hint:

Wheeeeee!!  It's the Tattoo End Table from the Modenus giveaway!!!  It looks just like the picture above except it has a third dimension and more fabulosity.  Awesome right?!  Yet again the universe was looking out for a madame because I was having a really bad - I can't remember why, maybe I ran out of cheese - when I got the call it was being delivered.  Yet another rainbow for me!  Pretty things always make me forget my misfortunes and cheese shortages.  

The table looks even better in person.  The tattooed hands are laser etched on the veneer and look like wood burning but have a great sketchy quality that you can't see from the larger pictures.
You can hardly see it in this picture either.  I think it's time for me and the R97700000 Camera of Amazing Awesomeness to spend some quality time alone together and get to know each other better.

 So here it is in situ.

We call this No Expectations decorating here at the ModSauce Ranch which is really "this is where things go til they find they're real home" decorating.  Let's break it down: zombie pit stain green walls which I swear I'll repaint but until them - I'm sorry.  I also do a lot of propping against the walls because it's easier to rotate things I want to look at regularly.  Additionally, the walls aren't sheetrock but some type of plaster they used in the 60's made of diamonds because you cannot drill a hole to hang a picture without a small nuclear explosion and I really don't have that kind of commitment with thrift store art.   Tattoo table doesn't seem to mind.  She seems to be exponentially cool slumming it next to the vintage chair and Ikea lamp.  The blank canvas is something that I'm TOTALLY going to paint some wicked art on one day.  Right now I call it a Study in White #1 Next To Empty Frame.  Welcome to the ModSauce Ranch, Tattoo!

Yes that's a big white furball on the left but I didn't see it until it was too late. Deal with it.  No Expectations!
Charlemagne likes it too.  She doesn't like riding rainbows because it makes her fur go in the opposite direction and she hates that.  

Thanks again to Modenus and Maybelline Te of Snug Furniture!  Oh and rainbows of fortune.  Gawd bless the internet.


  1. I don't want to think about what medieval torture you have planned for the first person who spills wine on it.

  2. David - considering that person will most likely be me (I broke yet another wine glass this weekend) I'll go easy on them and only punch them in the lady balls once.

  3. It's pretty tits, but with your mentions of cheese it started to strangely remind me of a stack of American Cheese.

  4. Moar Charlemagne, plz! What a cute furry butt!

  5. Alycia - I'm not sure about her tits but stacks of American Cheese sounds pretty damn good! ; )

    Kim - Charlemagne is so beautiful that once you see her full fabulosity y'all will discard me in a second and only want to see pictures of her lounging and looking regal. But I'll see what I can do!! The things I do for my readers...

  6. oh lucky!! the thing i love most about it that i live close enough to come steal it from you in the night. mwah hahahhfjhecnkhb!!! theft. theft is what i love most.

  7. Hollie - this is why I shouldn't tell friends about the blog! Or I should get less criminal friends...