Wednesday, September 7, 2011

It's like botox but with more rainbows.

The start of school was always my favoritest time of the year.  The orgasmisplosion of new papers and folders and pens and pencils and good gawd just the smell of all those fresh school supplies was enough to put me straight into nerd nirvana.  But without school a little piece of me dies when my perfectionism goes unnoticed.  Someone please grade me and my perfectly executed spelling quiz!!  

But old habits die hard and every year around this time I get the itch for some projects.  But without the grades, please - my transcript doesn't give a shit anymore even if my neurotic inner child does.  This year I've got a whole host of funsies planned like furniture painting, house painting, book reports and all manner of self-imposed homework that may or may not involve college-ruled paper.  One such project involves giving this here blog a facelift!  Squee!  

Most people on the interwebs use readers or a subscription service (madame included) for their blogging adventures so I probably could have had a unicorn pole-dancing every time someone clicked on my site and you never would have noticed.  But I think it's time the Sauce moves on up to the deeelux freshman apartment in the sky stylewise and get some zhushing.  I've got the top secret details being hammered out on the side but for now I'll do what I do best - throw some images full of graphic hawtness I've been hoarding right out into the light of day and see what kind of sauce we can get simmering!

I mean like graphic design not, you know, graphic images.  You'll have to find those on your own, perverts. (Or check my posts that include topless fashion photography.  Whatever.)

First up -
via ffffound
Oooh sciencey like school!  And it's infinite.  Just like my powers of mediocrity!

Mark Weaver via ISO50
How about the natural sciences?  Too hipster?

via yng
How about kids on skateboards and sharpie scribbles?  Yes, much better, I agree.

Typography by David Carson via yng
I like this mess because I am sooo rock 'n' roll as indicated by this grunge image and the use of 'n' rather than 'and' when typing rock 'n' roll.  That's what us rebels do - butcher the English language ON PURPOSE because fuk ur correkt spellin and punktuashun!

Richard Vergez
 Definitely gonna need some collage-y billowing smoke head.  Perhaps he can also pole dance with the unicorn.  Like a tag team thing...

Sugar Hills flickr
How bout just a head with coffee stains and flower and an 'oh no you din't' eyebrow raise...   This seems appropriate.

via Venimos en son de paz
Apparently I have a thing for girls with circles on their heads...!?  Omigawd, it's so ME!! 

*stares at lollipop head in mirror*

*awkward silence*

Let's try something a little different...
Claire Falkenberg via The Jealous Curator
It's a murky blob that if you stare into all of your design dreams will come true.  Just like this blog!!!!

Jack Barnosky
It's a murky blob at sunset.  

Where the fuck am I going with this stuff?  

Charles Berquist via Design Crisis
Straight to the ocean I think!!  

I think we can deduce I like to layer some rainbow shit.   I'm not sure I needed an entire blog post to figure that out...
via ffffound
Or DO I??

Jennifer Sanchez via The Beholder
Jennifer Sanchez via The Beholder
I guess I do...  More rainbow layers that appear to be drawn by a five year old.  Or a genius.  I'm nailing this blog style homework!!! 

via Save This For Later
Awwww yeah!  We can just stop right now with this whole assignmnet because I can't think of anything more fitting as inspiration for a site makeover than this image right thurr.

*throws laptop down in victory*

We're up in the big leagues now!  The sauce has simmered, homework is done and it's time for recess!  

That's just putting my mouth directly underneath the wine box spigot.  

I like school for adults.  

I'll let you know when the project is done so you can slide over from your reader to see the pole-dancing unicorn tiger bouquet new banner.  It'll be gold star worthy!


  1. I gave my magazine class design presentation on Ray Gun back in 1993. You know, back when people made print publications.

  2. Tell me about them days, old timer!

    I don't care what y'all say I can make grunge graphics cool again!! (I can't...)

  3. AHhh haaa Your Royal Sauceliness: You continue to crack me up 'n you are so funny 'n smart too. (I used "'n" instead of "and" cuz I want to be super hip and cool jes like you). Kymberly

  4. Yes, yes - funny and smart. I don't have to resort to pole-dancing like SOME mythical creatures!