Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Why am I not a movie producer, y'all??!

Between the vacations and tangents I feel like I haven't posted any good old-fashioned interiors porn in a long time.  You know, just like your grandma used to blog about back in the day while drinking her Vitameatavegamin and riding on a buffalo or whatever people did back in the olden times.

Aren't you a little surprised that I refereneced Vitameatavegamin and Crime Mobb within 24 hours of each other?  Even I am.

But I needed more than normal interior porn - Lonny wouldn't do for what I had in mind.  I need to go to the good stash - big, bold positively indecent kinds of spaces.  In this case one of my fave tumblrs enochliew had the goods.  Unlike many of the other deviants on tumblr, this person actually credits the images (mostly) and that makes me exceedingly happy.  I squee hard for manners.
I also squee hard for this hallway that looks like glitter.  Some serious dancing and jazz hands would be passionately but mediocrely executed there.  Just sayin.

Bell Lloc winery by RCR architects here
Winery or post-apocalyptic prison hallway?  Who cares!  It's pretty bitchin and would be fun to skip down.

ice hotel
I'm not sure if I ever actually want to go to an ice hotel but I'm just grateful to look at some spaces where I can't name the store where each piece of furniture and art came from.  Spaces that are EXPERIENCES are what I'm feeling right now.

White Nothing Happens by Ernesto Neto here
I kinda want to lay under that installation!  I bet I could recreate it in my dining room with some old pantyhouse filled with a few rocks in the toes draped off my chandelier...  hhhmm....  *strokes beard*  I honestly think the weirdest part about that plan is trying to find pantyhose.  I think they quit making that shit in 1978.

Welsh Assembly by Richard Rogers here
I hate mushrooms but I wouldn't mind hanging out underneath this giant one in some swan chairs.

I'm loving all these big neutral spaces but they are kinda putting me to sleep...

Birkbeck College by Surface Architects here
Zoinks!  I don't know what I'm looking at but I want to experience some stuff in here.

I know even less what's going on here but oddly I want to go there more.  I'm an enigma wrapped in a riddle inside a strangely colored box...

Leviathan by Anish Kapoor here
Double zoinks!  Even odder, creepy red lighting is my most favoritest kind of lighting!  Specifically the red from brake lights when you're sitting behind a car at night in the middle of the country and there's that super creepy moment when you lock eyes with yourself in the rearview mirror and feel like a spy or someone in a B murder/mystery movie but not the girl that dies - the other girl.

Or possibly the actual murderer because too much red lighting makes one feel rather stabby.  Good thing that car ahead of me is driving off...

Rainbow Panorama by Olafur Eliasson here
This is decidedly less stabby.  I bet this is just a normal hallway but we're somehow looking at it through Karim Rashid's forever pink-tinted sunglasses or something...

Dreamspace by Maurice Agis here
Maybe this is what the inside of Karim Rashid looks like???!!!!!  If we all put on a kaftan, were miniaturized and then injected into him just like the 1987 Martin Short/Dennis Quaid powerhouse Innerspace it would be just like this!  Don't remember Innerspace??  Your loss.  It was only the greatest movie of the eighties.

Except for Big Trouble in Little China of course.  Cinematic masterpiece.  

I can't remember if there were any creepy red brake light scenes in it but that's the only possible way that movie could have been improved upon.

Unless Lo Pan could be played by Karim Rashid...

*strokes beard*


  1. I dig that last trippy hallway the mostest- Seems like I should be running from some ghost with Scooby and friends!

  2. I could probably only run with Scooby and friends for about two minutes before I had a seizure but it would sure be a fun two minutes!