Thursday, September 22, 2011

This makes me exceedingly happy.

all images via The Selvedge Yard
I'm still on birthday time for the rest of the weekend so I'm blogging lite.  Also, I'm busy practicing my hip check for the roller derby event I'm going to see Saturday.  I can't roller skate but just in case someone needs a little help I'll be there with a muffin top or an elbow.  

My derby name is Madame Thunder btw.

I just made an appointment to get that tattooed on my FACE!

Better yet - my VAJAYJAY!

Straight.  Up.  Class.


  1. Those are AWESOME photos... Can't get the Madame Thunder tattoo, though. I already have it. ;-)

  2. As long as our vajayjays are never exposed in the same room together I think we'll be okay... ; )

  3. I don't want those striped shirts, but I wouldn't mind those fashionable shorts!I think a sport where women link arms and try to shove another woman off the road sounds really fun ... sort of. not really. maybe

  4. I'd wear it all with winged eyeliner and bright red lips of course! But if a bitch tried to mess up my face I'd have to kill her of course.

  5. Dude we have Roller Derby in Denver! Next time we will put it on the list

  6. It's fun you should totally check it out! Just reading the names was worth it.