Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Coincidence? I think not...

Due to a series of unfortunate events involving icy roads, delayed travel plans and an extreme deficit of all things Lack I ended up at Ikea two hours away from home on a Monday morning where kismet punched me in the face.  I ran into a dear friend I hadn't seen in almost four years!  Ikea brings people together.  OR it's the universe and its bounty of cosmic coincidences.  I think the universe is trying to tell me to be a better pen pal or shop at Ikea.  I always need more Ektorp in my life.  In related coincidental news I happened to see these images during my morning blogroll (that's after coffee but before poop)...

Interesting...  Not much of tiered cake kinda girl but the navy is nice.  Madame Sunday prefers champagne fountains if we're discussing yummy things in stacked formations. 

both pictures by Ariel Gordon from Coco & Kelley

I'm intrigued... colors have certainly piqued my interest.  Please continue...

And then two little clicks later on google reader and BAM!! Milk crate chic.

Irena Graewe from dear ada

Probably the creative individual from the first group of pictures wouldn't touch anything in that room with a ten foot pole but they are definitely color cousins.  And obviously this means I need to pay closer attention to coincidences and what my spiritual advisers are telling me.  I'm not sure why my spiritual advisers are centering around Swedish shopping giants and crazy cool color combos but I'm just going to roll with it.  

Brarup rug from Ikea

If the universe wants me to shop at Ikea more I hope they weren't telling me to buy this.  Mutant hot pink amoeba rivers aside I think I'm on to something here.  Let's look at some more cousins in this extended family because it's obviously what the universe wants.  Even Madame Sunday must respect a worthy opponent. 

from here

from the knot

from here

from here

from here.  You just got served other American wedding blogs!!

Apparently it's the color combination de rigueur for weddings but since we've just discussed my feelings about tiered cakes let's move on to some other stuff because I'm already bored.

Fuck me.  Not that.

Myf Shepherd from Fashion Gone Rogue
That's better...  This sad little fashion clown could lounge on that loveseat above and set her make-up bag and clove cigarettes on the milk crate.  She needs both hands for maximum ennui. 

Ilse Crawford courtesy of Apartment Therapy

Living Etc. from Apartment Therapy

House Beautiful from Apartment Therapy

from here

Lily Allen

Melanie Acevedo in Domino

Wow.  That was fun but if I never see that color combination again it'll be too fucking soon.  This started out really cool but now I just feel queasy.  Except for the friend part.  That's still pretty awesome.  Universe 1, Madame Sunday 0.

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