Sunday, January 17, 2010

Ty Pennington you just got served, eh!

Once again solidifying Sunday as the best day of the week we have the new premiere of Holmes on Homes tonight.  Although it does conflict with the Worst Cooks in America but this blonde guy

Welcome to the gun show Madame Sunday.

totally trumps Anne Burrell's clown hair.  Normally I reserve HGTV for gathering comedic material and honing my condescension skills but every once in awhile they get something right.  Well HGTV Canada got it right and us Americans just steal it.  Same thing.  Candice Olsen included. 

If you don't know Mike Holmes (the hottie above) is like the real version of Ty Pennington but without the ADD, grating personality and cheap comforter collection at Sears.  He's been in construction since he was 6 and has built his name and business on fixing other contractors' fuck ups.  You know he's the real deal because his eyebrows are lighter than his skin - that's the sign of a real contractor.   He's a foul-mouthed badass in a wifebeater and overalls that is a white knight for victimized homeowners.  His personal motto, business name and charity foundation name is Make It Right.  I'm in love.  He encourages young men and women to learn a skilled trade and works to improve building practices in Canada.  Can I have your babies Mike?

What my usual contractors look like but with less teeth and more BO.

Now he's building a LEED certified neighborhood in Ontario and has even worked with Brad Pitt in rebuilding New Orleans.  In reading this article he mentions how influenced he is by the book Cradle to Cradle and I almost creamed my panties.  He's a spokesman for Nescafe instant coffee AND believes in William McDonough.  Madame Sunday definitely wants to marry this man.  NOW.  Despite the earring and gold chain.  That just shows that he can rewire my house but also appreciates fancy things.  We can just throw a tuxedo jacket over those overalls and polish that diamond stud in his ear for a classy evening on the town.  He'll definitely look better than Brad.

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