Monday, January 25, 2010

Octopussy: hummin comin at cha.

I couldn't NOT title my post like that.

I think owls might be a dying breed. In the design sense I mean. I would make a post about them being a design cliche but honestly it's not worth my time as they are now completely mainstream.  As is any cloven beast with antlers. So what's a madame to do when she needs a new species to decorate with? Go 20,000 leagues under the sea of course!  Check out this video of an octopus using a coconut shell as shelter.  I laughed, I cried, I googled.

It's the first recorded incident of an invertebrate using a tool.  FUCK YEAH!  Creatures of the deep are mysterious, complex, squishy and all those arms mean lots of hugs.  Suck on that owls!  And since turquoise is the color of the year I'm expecting all manner of aquatic life to be the shiznit.  Even this.  It'll be the new Twilight except under water.  Still just as sparkly though.

More octopussy love...

Armour and Co. from Brilliant Asylum

I own this.  It is beautiful.

from Serimony's etsy

Calamares from Safarias's photostream

Tentacles by Jeremy Forson on Thumbtack Press
Can't you just feel those things in your mouth?!  Awesomely yuck!

real octopus ring found here

plate from elsa + sam

silver octo from ragtrader's etsy
This has been in my favorite's folder for awhile on etsy.  Now there are 263 pages that come up when you search for octopus.  I'm not shittin you.  Octopussy is everywhere!  I'm not the only one who noticed.

You're going to need a lot more coconut shells to hide in Octopussy.


  1. I can't believe there were no comments to this post! For shame, readers! For shame!

    I, for one, love "Tentacles" by Jeremy Forson. It's such a great image! So moist.

  2. Moist indeed. Just like my panties after getting a comment on this post!! Back when it was originally published I only had about 2 readers. Now I have almost a dozen! SCORE!!!