Sunday, January 24, 2010

Dirty design gangsta

I love looking at well designed spaces that are immaculately decorated and reedeeculously goodlooking but there is only so much a madame can take.  To be really inspired I need mess and piles and chaos.  Fancy interiors pretty much only inspire me to shop and possibly set my shithole house on fire to collect the insurance money.  To be creative however I need a bit of crazy.  At least that's what I tell myself as my laundry piles up and dirty dishes stream out of the sink.  FUCK YOU I do it for my ART!

I thought it might be nice to Ctrl-Alt-Delete my internal inspiration barometer take a look at some non-traditional spaces like artists' studios.  Probably the most well-known studio is that of Francis Bacon who I haven't really thought about since art history class but has popped up several times this week in my information scavenging.  Bacon was an Irish figurative painter in the last half of the 20th century whose art was seen as grotesque, violent and just generally creepy.   Well you can't create that in a space full of sunshine, fresh flowers and bunnies - you create it in a space that looks like this:

Ahh...  I feel inspired already.  You can also read this fascinating article about the relationship between the art and the studio.   The studio was such a factor in Bacon's art that the Tate Museum painstakingly recreated his studio in their museum.  No shit.

No this isn't an episode of Hoarders it's where magic happens.  The kind of magic that sells for 40 million dollars.  Even more here.

Here are a few more spaces that inspire

from here

Artist Deborah Buck from New York Social Diary

from the Selby

The George from the Selby

Ok pretty much every space from the Selby is like this so I'll probably just spend the rest of the afternoon over there.  I will not be using that time to finish laundry and cleaning up those dishes because only uptight assholes like lawyers and accountants need orderly surroundings.   I'm a disorganized design gangsta.

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