Friday, January 8, 2010

Note to self: buy video camera

I'm at home "working" because here in the south we're having a collective dixie-style snow day so I thought it was fitting to post this song from Bon Iver.  I mean he did lock himself in a cabin all winter and make some albums I think...

I like how it feels both reverent and calm but with a sense of urgency.  Just like me trying to get home last night.

If I wasn't so busy "working" I would make my own music video of my winter wonderland here with this song as the soundtrack.  You'll just have to check out these pictures below and use a little imagination.  It's gonna be awesome.  Watch out Spielberg.


all from we heart it

hello tulla flickr

gary hymes flickr

martyn fordham flickr

Ok now put all those together with some slow motion shots, rough filters and mysterious editing.  Good right?!

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