Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Hair, there, everywhere!

Through one of my endless internet adventures I ran across these groovy prints on AphroChic the other day.  They are from the 'I Love My Hair' collection by the artist/graphic designer Andrea Pippens and are a steal at $25 each.  Check out her blog Fly for more fabulosity - or this little interview about her graphic design work on Kiss My Black Ads.  On my first read she blogs about Erykah Badu and Matte Stephens which are both people that Madame Sunday is enamored with.  I hope our blogs can be friends. 

This is how you do brights people.  I would totally hang all three in my hallway if it wouldn't make me look like some kind of asshole poser.  Have you seen my incredibly accurate portrait to the right?  About the only fancy thing I can do to my hair involves pigtails or introducing it to a bumpit.  Unless it's a chignon - Madame Sunday's hair LOVES silent G's. 

I think this is an appropriate time for a throwback jam from India Arie:

Wait - she says "I am not your expectations" so I WILL hang them in my hallway! ahahahahaha!  I love this clip - she's singing with a guy that looks like he was in Alabama

Damnit!  I'm totally judging - he is not my expectations either. 

In related hair news I really want to see this Chris Rock documentary that came out in the fall.

For the record I love Alabama AND India Arie.  And Matte Stephens.  And Erykah Badu.  And Sour Patch Kids.  And superfly designers that let my retarded ass post their work.   And Chris Rock.  And Sour Patch Kids. 

I have fancy tastes.

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  1. mmm....sour patch kids... (insert homer simpson noise here)