Thursday, January 21, 2010

So much awesomeness. So little time.

- Here's a playlist from Stuff Hipsters Hate.  Take a listen while we keep reading all the stuff I've encountered lately that needs to be immortalized forever on ModernSauce.

-What.  The.  Fuck.  How cool is this?  The Altitude Design Summit is in Salt Lake City starting today and brings together design and lifestyle bloggers and has tons of supercool writers and technology dudes who are giving presentations.  Madame Sunday will have to work that in her busy schedule next year.

-I love this informative chart from Acetone that I found on Eye Spy.  They left off textile designer but somehow I think I'm being lumped in with that Microsoft Painter asshole.  That's probably a fair statement had they seen my college portfolio.

-Over at Desire to Inspire today they are featuring the photography and designs of some ladies that I didn't know anything about but their pictures have been in my lust files for a long time.  Meet Victoria Pearson and Katie Ridder.  Sometimes you can't tell whether a picture captures an extraordinary thing or a great photographer can make an ordinary thing extraordinary - I'd like to believe it's just a symbiotic relationship and give a virtual high five to all parties involved.  It would take jeebus himself to photograph my shithole into looking like something worth looking at without disgust.

Victoria Pearson

When I go for eclectic I look like a douche but not this lady.

Kattie Ridder

-I rarely go to 1stdibs because it's so insanely expensive it's makes me cry to think about how tragically poor I am but I really like fancy things so it's usually a bittersweet visit.  Their newsletter is worth subscribing to for the features in Introspective magazine like this about one of my favorite designers Keshani Perera and lots of other creative people. 

-The perfect place to have Gandolf over for second breakfast.  
-Don't tell anyone but Madame Sunday's flower arranging skillz are worse than her empathy skillz so dreaming about beautiful bouquets in the house always remains a dream.  That and I kill plants like I'm a walking pesticide.  However if I could have a flower to look at everyday it would be the ranunculus so I especially enjoyed Design*Sponge's post today on the very same little colorful garden pillows from heaven.

-I like categorizing things into like-themed groups for efficiency and aesthetics so this site really appealed to my hoarding organizing tendencies.  Like Polyvore but for handmade and vintage stuff.

-If you're still listening to the music above take a quick trek over to Third and Delaware.  It's a sartorialist view of EVERY EPISODE of Roseanne.  It's hilariously ironic now but every hipster will be wearing that shit within a year you mark my word.  Or sooner if you've seen last fall's Urban outfitter catalog...  Doc Martens 4eva!!

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  1. Hum so this makes me a Cartoonist, Photo-manipulater, graphic designer (although I am not a total fan of Illustrator so I could also fall to Typographer) Well Cartoonist cause I swear sometimes I can be funny!