Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I made a rhyme about romantical things.

My original intention with this blog involved a lot of color, design and interiors but lately we've been distracted by hookers and hinges.  Although if you've read the profile on the right you'd see that Madame Sunday is pretty easily distracted.  Hey did you here about Conan's new show?!  That'll be awesome but certainly not more awesome than the new issue of Lonny... ooh is that a burrito??!!

So in an effort to get back to my roots I made a mood board.  I started this board last month after receiving the Urban Outfitters catalog (I know...) but I really liked the cover for March. 
Now if you look at it long enough you start losing the fun boots, great colors and misty morning feel and start staring at that model's ridiculously small legs and ass of a twelve-year-old boy and wondering why she's in panties on the beach and then you start to feel like a pedophile for staring intently at the ass of small boy and worry that Chris Hansen is in the next room waiting to ambush you and then you're going to be humiliated on national tv all thanks to Urban Outfitters.  She told me she was 18!!  I swear!!!

But I still like the idea.  Um the first part not the pedophile part...  

I've got a serious lady boner for that stuff.  The soft champagnes and sandy rose colors, the olive boots, peasant dresses and filtered light, watery blues and sparkling nights.  Le sigh.  

Suck on my poetic powers bitches!!  

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