Monday, April 12, 2010

Speaking of hookers...

Something else that Pretty Woman taught us? Over-the-knee boots are always classy and can go with anything.
all images from Glamour
Particularly evening gowns.  Better get yours for this fall.  Or maybe you already have some in your closet for role-playing or your weekend job.  Whatever - I don't judge.   I do like a little fantasy boot/dress contrast with zero practical purpose other than to indulge my imagination...

I’m just a little skeptical about these looks ever since the Clueless-inspired over-the-knee stockings debacle of 1994 involving a young Madame Sunday, some muffin-top thigh spillage and a bitchy queen working at the Gap.

These look like an advertisement for expensive Russian mail-order brides.  They just need fur muffs.

One word: supersweatybehindthekneecrease. 

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