Tuesday, April 6, 2010


There has been a lot of backlash (2 people) in response to my slam on matching shams and bedcovers last week.  Not in the form of comments - just vicious and nasty emails cursing my unborn children and questioning whether or not I have a soul.  Damn! Y'all bitches get intense over some fucking pillows!  But Madame Sunday still prefers mismatched shams.  I'm a hippie at heart truly.   

I should probably get in my linen pile closet and play dress up with my bedroom to explore the matching sham/bedspread phenomenon to its fullest and then post my discoveries but I have a real life and don't have time to hold your hand every step of the damn way.  Until one day when it rains and I run out of DVRed episodes of Project Runway and feel like avoiding painting some doors.  Then it's on like Donkey Kong!  Sham-wow indeed.

These quick pics I pulled from my inspiration files today will have to suffice until my own sad attempts bedding fabulosity will be realized in an easy-to-use educational format.
Love everything about it.  And NO that isn't chalkboard paint on the wall.  It's a mural - I swear.  I think...

Ty Cole from Desire to Inspire
Oh tufted headboard I want you more than I want a grilled stuft burrito right now.  And that's pretty bad.

Janet Kimber from Bliss

I don't have the source but feel like I should know this...
This really isn't sham related I just want to spend every waking (and sleeping) moment of my life in here.  Clothes optional.  Because I'm totally a crazy exhibitionist like that.  Hope my neighbors don't mind streaky windows and granny panties.

Sorry no source either.  Holla at a madame if you know.

Even though there are technically no matching shams/bedspreads everything else is really matchy matchy I don't care.  I want to rub my face on that (probably) cashmere blanket.

Armour and Co Brilliant Asylum
We'll discuss beds in front of windows at a later date probably.  But the bedding is nice.  White on white is a ModernSauce approved matching combination.  Never looks bad.

Apartment Therapy
I like a blue/grey bedroom.

Apartment Therapy
I was going to use this as an example of matching shams/bedspreads but this is just so weird.  It's like your sheets are wearing an old-timey prison uniform and got into a mustard fight.  

old Domino?

Look - this has matching shams and a duvet AND it's plaid-ish AND there's some cliche antlers on the wall.  I'm breaking all my own fake rules!  Let us all take note of contrasting accent pillows and blanket to break up the sameness of matching shams.

Oh - in case you were wondering this all applies for bedskirts too.  Unless they are white on white on white.  I guess that's okay...  Maybe you guys hate bedskirts...   I still like them.  Let's just steer clear of bed in a bag period.  Especially microsuede...  

I bet tomorrow someone will send me the most stunning bed in a beg faux suede ensemble complete with denim accent pillows and beaded fringe all straight from the clearance bin at Bed Bath and Beyond and I'll probably love it.  But until Madame Sunday sees that bitch I still would rather see a little mix n' match.  

Let's go crazy.


  1. does the matchy-matchy rule still apply if you don't buy them in a bag?

  2. Your chances of fabulosity are greatly increased when you buy outside the bag but horror comes in many forms. Best to ask the closest madame you can find when in doubt.