Sunday, April 18, 2010

These collages make me hon-gray! (for kitsch)

Our annual Chattavegas art festival happened this weekend.  It was full of white people with lots of disposable income eating cuban sandwiches and drinking white wine while carting around their tow-headed kids.  It's what constitutes 'culture' where I live.   But the weather was perfect, my cuban sandwich tasted delicious and to me a Sunday full of art, ethnic food and wine at 3 pm is the church I worship at.

While Mr. and Mrs. Whitey McMiddleclass were busy buying $3000 hand-carved teak side tables and 6'x6' paintings of tulips I was drawn to another booth.  Behold the one-of-a-kind collages of Teresa Peterson.
Bird Homes book for sale at Lulu

It's like she made a scrapbook of my drunken fantasies.  

Yes I fantasize about paint-by-numbers and pies!  DON'T YOU JUDGE ME!!!!


  1. love love love her work!!! thanks for sharing!

  2. And they are soo affordable!! Check out her website for more - I think you can buy from there... She's not on etsy and I don't know how to buy art any other way!