Sunday, April 25, 2010

Luck be a corvid tonight.

The epic battle between Madame Sunday and Mother Earth continues...  After the flood of rain yesterday that I know was sent to drown me a murder of crows descended upon my yard to eat to warn me of my impending death.  Even Charlemagne was more nervous than excited by a thousand crows in her front yard.  But alas the greater power prevailed and it looks like I might recover: I put on pants today!  Tomorrow - world domination.

Other than their possible foreshadowing of my own death I like crows.   They feel traditionally folk, morbidly goth and graphicly modern which are all of my favorite things.  Our culture sees corvids as scary and gross but other cultures see them as a sign of good luck.  Foreigners are so weird.  Wait...  Maybe those thousand crows on my lawn are actually a sign of a huge windfall that is coming my way!  Foreigners you are so smart!!   

I'm gonna to try and make some of my own luck...

Picasso's Woman with a Crow 1904

For the record I was never the kind of smart goth who liked this kind of black bird:

I liked this kind:

So don't expect me to wax poetic about ravens and depressed Victorian dudes.  Don't really expect me to wax poetic about anything right now because one of my prescriptions makes me stupid.  No really.  That last sentence took me an hour to write.  

Sure, why not.

why do crows look so good in collage form?
All images from the tumblr blog fuckyeahcrows.  I think the sole reason for tumblr's existence is to force hipsters to put all their awesomely weird shit into an organized space so I can look at it.

Gawd I love this room.  But without the art...?  Nowhere near as good.

Charley Harper's Crow in the Snow

Eames House Bird at Hive Modern

I love you Anthropologie but $650??  Go fuck yourself.

Death Cab for Cutie album cover probably inspired by this...

Jeremy (Dom Deluise) from The Secret of NIMH
Because nothing is relevant to me unless I can relate it to some 80's childhood memory or useless piece of pop culture.  Preferably both.


  1. I have a weakness for crows too and I believe you, Rich Holdschuh (@concretedetail) and I are the only three people on the planet who use the term "corvid." When people complain because they don't understand me when I use that term, I explain that a corvid is a large passerine and that clears everything right up.

  2. ahahahah! People are so stupid! *runs to dictionary to look up passerine*

  3. Flipping through Tweets ten minutes ago and "corvid" glared from among the jumbled characters in my periphery. Without even shifting my eyeballs, another sidelong impression hove into recognition from the left margin: an avatar somewhat gentler in demeanor than the word in question. And I chuckled. And of course clicked over to the Sauce. And LMAO. Birds of a feather...

  4. Don't let that gentle avatar fool you - I have been known to eat carrion from time to time. And please feel free to shift your eyeballs back to the Sauce whenever you can! Your $10 words turn me on. But I followed you on Twitter even before that because Paul mentioned you and I do everything he says.

  5. 1. I love your blog because I know, without a shadow of a doubt, that I will not find a post like this on ANY other blog.

    2. I had no idea I could feel love for crows, but I do, I do!

    3. In total agreement over the Domino room. So pretty, but without the art I wouldn't take a second glance.

    4. Tumblr....hahahaha! That's it's sole raison d'être!

  6. Wow - you just made my day Ms. Nelya! I struggled with even starting a blog about arsty designy stuff b/c so many other people do it and do it sooooo well. Feeling original is very important to me!

    And since we all seem to be cool with crows I will 'release the kraken' of other weirdness that's floatin around in my head. Just an FYI...

  7. One for sorrow, two for joy
    Three for girls and four for boys
    Five for silver, six for gold
    Seven for a secret never to be told..

  8. Daaayum commenters! Quit being so fuckawesome! It makes me look bad.

    I'm going to tattoo that on my lower back because tattoos there are always classy and it'll make me seem mysterious while strangers are doing sexy times with me.