Thursday, April 21, 2011

Jewelry for people who are cheap, lazy and easily distracted!

I'm the type of Madame that always has big dreams of all the crafty things I could make because hey, I've got a creative eye and mad skills in my hands so what couldn't I craft amiright?!  But I usually get about 75% done and totally lose interest just like the year I was going to paint watercolors for all my friends and family and only got about halfway through the first leaf before I got my ass to the closest Barnes & Noble.  Or the time I started cross-stitching a wall hanging of a wolf in front of a Southwestern sunset (DON'T JUDGE ME - IT WAS THE 90'S AND I WAS 10!) but only made it through one Kokopelli.  Let's not even mention the china cabinet that's been in storage for two years that I've been meaning to paint...  I did, however, craft the shit out some potholders and friendship bracelets in elementary school so maybe howling wolves and storage for my dining room just aren't my forte...  

So when I saw the bitchin DIY jewelry knockoffs at Honestly WTF my inner 5th grade crafty kid squeed a bit.

The original on top and the DIY hex nut bracelet version here
Well, heelllooo sexy.  I can braid things so I think I could totally make that AND wear the fuck out of it.  It's not like I'm not at the hardware store every damn day already.  I bet once you put that on you just never take it off like the hemp jewelry everyone wore when I was about 16 that you kept it on until it rotted off in the shower one day.  That's true commitment to accessories.  Also, pretty disgusting...

Original inspiration on top and the DIY version on bottom here
This one takes the best of friendship bracelets and combines it with all the tacky thrift store jewelry I may or may not already have a ton of...  The best part is the instructions seem like I could actually accomplish them before I even get bored by the Kokopelli!

But this one seems a little more time intensive...
via PS I Made This
Well damn!  It's like a cat's cradle multiplied by bling and divided by effort.  I'm not sure if I'm up to that kind of math and DIY-itude but I'd totally wear that.  Or find something that looks like that at the mall if my fingers got tangled up.

Fortunately Christmas is months away so I have plenty of time to craft some hex nut jewelry to go WITH the cross-stitched watercolor inspirational bookmarks I've decided to make for everyone! 

First I just have to tie dye the yarn... 


  1. The second one is soooo fucking cool! I might actually try and make one. or not. but its still pretty.

  2. I could make some bangin' chokers with those hex nuts. ;-)

  3. Bri - I might try and make it too! Or not. I'll let you know if I do. Or not. ; )

    Nick - I'm going to pretend you didn't just say choker...

  4. If one strung a bunch of the hex-nut braid thingies side-by-side, one could make a breast plate that'd likely stop an arrow. Most jewelry is inspired by various armor components anyway. No?

    BTW. This stuff. Definitely DIY.

    Merry Earth Day.

  5. Ooohhh what a great idea!! Hhhmmmm... I'm so seeing this primitive hardware tribe thing. Maybe with a feather in my hair... We could paint war tats on your head!

    Happy Earth Day to you too! Whatever that entails... ; )

  6. Great post!

    My wife's family makes all kinds of cute jewelry.

    One time I tried to sit down with them and give it a go.

    I'm still embarrassed by the experience.

  7. Thanks James! The instructions for these seemed pretty easy buuuut, from a fellow half-crafter, who knows how they'll turn out! ; )

  8. War paint tats on my head - Hell yeah! It'd be authentic since I do have some apache in me.

    That Honestly WTF site has all kinds of stuff that looks "tribal chic"


  9. Apache?! That's pretty badass. We'll update the classic designs a bit for a more Apache-meets-Apple feel!

    It's a great fun fashion site that doesn't take itself too seriously - definitely a must read for everyone!

  10. Where's the section to enter my address so you can mail my hand made Christmas gift in time for some holiday that's convenient? (K)

  11. You can enter your address all you want! Doesn't mean you'll actually get anything... ; )

  12. Well thank you Madame, I've seen these around the interwebz and have been tempted. Off to follow your linky links!

  13. If you craft them let me know! Have fun!