Thursday, April 7, 2011

Pretty things that H.G. Wells might even like. But the grammar police won't.

So there's a new online mag Est from Australia that premiered recently and I read its first (and probably my) last issue but by "read" I mean skimmed the pictures of course because nobody reads the articles in any of that stuff because nobody really cares what those magazines have to say because we're too busy writing our own copy in our heads when we look at it because everything WE bloggers say is better than what those vanilla articles say except when WE are the bloggers that get famous enough to make our own magazines and you sure as shit better read my fake future magazine.  Rue might as well be in Sanskrit for how much I pay attention to the text.  People might say print is dead but I think what's really following Liz Taylor up to the MJ in the sky is engaging and informative storytelling as it relates to design.  And proper sentence structure.  I think my first Mobius strip sentence of this paragraph proves that point pretty clearly and it will probably continue to be illustrated throughout this post and subsequent posts.  

Oh look - pretty things!
I don't know what's going on here but it's matte black, shiny white and natural wood.  I'm liking this color combo so much lately I kinda designed my kitchen in it.  I wish I had more shiny things like in that back right corner but I think that can be arranged.  The fact that I don't have anything in the kitchen that sparkles like that is a shame to high maintenance divas hard-working Madames everywhere.   Why I didn't make a mosaic backsplash from all my costume jewelry we'll never know.  [MS sidebar: I know why - I still wear that shit for really special occasions like Friday night margarita night and when Charlemagne and I have dress-up parties.  Those are on Saturdays.  Sometimes Tuesday... ]

Feel free to write your own commentary in your head.  I won't be offended.

I feel like it's last year's Primitive Glamour but even more primitive.  And earthier...

I'm talking subterranean.  Like Morlock type of "earthy" where things are molten hot and weird and grow in awkward stalagmite formations.  With lamp shades on top... And shiny crystalline things.  Don't question my story.

Oh and awkward furniture.  It's a Morlock throne.

I think this proves the value of a good stylist because this is a big ole mess but I want to live here too!!  I'm such a sucker.

Aren't we done with bones?  Or is that an Eloi skull?  Did I just overload on nerdery?

All images from Est via the cool blog Number 19
Oh who cares.  This blog is 53% fantastical images, 41% words of some kind (possibly Sanskrit - you don't know), 13% boxed wine and 7% glitter.   

And 3% dumb references that only I think are cool.


  1. If I come to a dinner party and you ask me to sit on a rock I will not be happy...

    Then again... you warned me about having expectations. ;-)

    Those phallic lamps are nice. I'll take two.

  2. You're only allowed to have expectations with the kitchen - every other space like the dining room still falls under the umbrella of No Expectations. But you might want to bring some stadium seating or a bean bag just to be safe. ; )

  3. I'm usually free on Tuesdays.

    By the way, I love the white paint you chose for the kitchen.

  4. Just because you said you liked my paint choice you get a special invite for the next dress-up partay! In 2015... ; )

  5. Madame, I have the same umbrella policy that you do...if you come to a party at my place, at least for the foreseeable future, expect it to the place to not be fabulous. Tabby, my room mate believes that we should decorate with her fur, all over the old worn out carpet. See, I live in a very old apartment complex right now, I just tell everyone it has "character" so they will have No Expectations. The food and the fellowship however will be top notch.

    Brenda Lynn

  6. Is it my imagination or do those tables look like giant pumice stones? If you're going to have cavelike furniture and accessories, there should be a caveman who comes with it. Something good has to come from that scary stuff, and a hairy man who grunts is just the trick!

  7. MS,

    I've left the past, only to find myself in the future.

    I hope to avoid being abducted by the Morlok while I attend a burning man festival with the Eloi. Afterward, I'll make another attempt to reach the present.

    It's difficult to read the manual you compiled for this infernal machine as it appears the art of punctuation and sentence structure has been lost.


  8. Brenda - No Expecations forever!

    AFF - Giant pumice stones could serve double duty as chairs with exfoliating properties. Especially if there's a grunting caveman doing primal things involved. ; )

    Izzy - Good luck with the Burning Man festival - I think that's in an entirely different universe altogether! Sorry abut the manual, I put in a lot of pretty pictures so I thought that would be sufficient...