Tuesday, April 19, 2011

This makes me exceedingly happy.

Peabody's Penthouse from Rocky & Friends, 1959.  via Stopping Off Place
I don't know who Peabody is and I despise Rocky and Bullwinkle but if it's possible to have a crush on a cartoon dog from the 50's then I totally have one.  I think it's the glasses...  and his great taste in decor.

In related things that might make you exceedingly happy the winner of the "Lamest Giveaway in the History of the Internets" is....

ME.  Ok I forgot to eliminate the numbers that corresponded with my comments.  And also the comments of the people who just responded out of pity...

So after a couple of tries the real winner is...
I didn't rip up the paper for aesthetic reasons - the scissors were across the room...
Ginny Powell (@GinnyPowell) of the new blog A Cracked Door!  SQUEE!  Thanks for playing Ginny and I'll make sure to rub extra fabulosity on your special prize (I won't dry hump it since you're a heterosexual lady person) and get that in the mail!  

Happy Wooding!


  1. If you despised Rocky and Bullwinkle, that'd be why you don't know Mr. Peabody, MS. Why the hate, girl? In between dogs, I had an imaginary beagle named Mr. Peabody. Yes, others have imaginary friends, I had an imaginary dog. I was 8, and there weren't many kids in the hood. Rewatching some of the cartoons now, it's obvious that Peabody is gay, no?

  2. Dude,

    We're so on the same wavelength. I was watching Looney Tunes with my my 4-year-old a couple of days ago and thought "Damn! These interiors are smokin'." I need to do a few screen grabs off the DVD.

    And YAY for Ginny and her new wood!

  3. dwr - GAY? Well that explains why I was immediately drawn to him... I'd never seen the dashing Mr. Peabody until I ran across these stills and had to google who this doggy dude was. Rocky and Bullwinkle got on my last nerve - I was a very discerning 8 yr old! If you grew up in the hood shouldn't you have had something more scary as an imaginary friend?! ; )

    Raina - makes me want to rewatch a lot of my old faves and see how I was subconsciously influenced during my formative years! For the good and for the bad...

  4. Yippee! I won wood!! My house will now be filled with glitterosity:) Thank you Madam!

  5. Let me get this straight - you are discussing both wood and a woody in one posting? (K)

  6. Was I discussing a woody?? I can't remember but that sounds about right...

  7. I had no idea that Peabody had such good taste... I would like to set my decor time machine back to the 50's.

  8. I would also like to set my time machine back to cartoon time! Oh wait - I already live there! Gawd bless you, cartoon avatar.

  9. ok, everyone knows that Felix the Cat was the coolest 50s cartoon. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=amGbBFsiuzc
    heh. cindy @urbanverse

  10. ha! Felix doesn't have cool decor but he does have a magic Louis Vuitton bag!! ; )