Thursday, April 14, 2011

Support the arts! And Merpeople.

I wanted to finish off the week with some super ill paintings like this:
Nicola Samori
But then I remembered that there's been so much gloomy serial killer madness around here lately that I'd just drool over this nugget by myself.

Instead, SWIMMING!
via ISO50
It's a fun way to celebrate the upcoming warm weather while completely trying to bypass the part where my lungs are coated in pollen and my Neti pot has to violate each nostril every night.    

via ffffound

ffffound via Dethjunkie so I'll never be able to find the real source...
That looks nice but it also looks like a lake and I don't swim in lakes because bad things usually happen to people that go to summer camp and swim in lakes (also the water is icky and filled with beer cans) and when you pee in a lake I don't think it just disappears like it does in the ocean because human pee is what mermaids drink.  That's a fact.  Swimming in lakes kills mermaids and if you have any compassion left in your bladder you'll do the right thing.  I'm going to design bumper stickers that say "Save a mermaid, pee in the ocean." 

Also, I think Sharktopus can live in freshwater too so you can't escape that...

Except if you're in a pool!
I'm a bit obsessed with these paintings by Sarah Harvey because they make me all floaty-feeling in a non pee cloud kind of way.

Time stops when you're underwater.  It's true.  A mermaid told me.

This is exactly how my BFF and I spent the entire summer after our 7th grade year while we developed our synchronized swimming routine.  I still have a tan in a gradient from head to toe.

last images via Booooooom
See even more here and then make sure to go straight to the "Save the Merpeople" website I'm starting right now and buy a bumper sticker for your arm floaties.  It's the least you could do.  Well, other than peeing...


  1. The Sarah Harvey paintings(!!!) are so freakin' awesome. What an amazing use of light and shadow. I just love the way the sunlight is dancing on the water. What an outstanding talent!

  2. I would so rock that bumper sticker on my car. We live near percy priest lake last year they found a piranha in the lake. Apparently some douchebag thought it was okay to make it free in a lake lots of people swim in. Crazy rednecks.

  3. Crazyinlove with the Sarah Harvey paintings, and I only swim in chlorinated water.

  4. Every summer for the 4th of July I spend two weeks at my relative's house, in the pool.

    It's a "salt water" pool and since it doesn't use chlorine, it doesn't turn blonde hair green. Though it still gives you "prune" skin.

    I've never noticed any merpeople in the pool, being salt water and all. But I'm going to pay extra attention this year. If I find any, I'll order a bunch of your bumper stickers.


  5. nkp - I know right! I think they are fairly large almost to scale paintings which makes them that much better!

    Bri - If there was a way to kill a redneck to save a mermaid I would totally do that. AND rock a bumper sticker that said that...

    Raina - I can frolic in the sea but save the stroking for the sickly sweet smell of chlorine. yum.

    Izzy - JEALOUS!! Salt water pool?? Safe for my hair AND yours huh? ; ) I better get crackin on my bumper sticker order then - don't want to run out before the summer rush!

  6. There is a lake right in front of our house in Lake Oswego (hence the "Lake" name). When the kids were little they jumped in the water and came out screaming because "green stuff" had gotten into their swim trunks. Ewwwwww.

  7. THAT is why you do not swim in lakes, friends...

  8. I'm so glad you mentioned bad things & lakes 'cause my first thought when I saw that image was "and then a psychopath in a speedboat ran them over. The End."

  9. Decapitation is yet another reason to avoid lakes. Good call, Ish.