Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Bringing sexy back to the future? Oh it’s been broughten.

A purging of fur from this year.  A furging. 

It started out like this:

Ryan Korban revamped apartment via loftlifemag

The Selby
Ryan Korban seems like the kind of guy that may or may not carry a walking cane with a skull on the handle for "irony."  What I AM sure of is the fact that if we were at a party together he would totally make fun of me to my face in some fancy smart way that I wouldn't understand and we'd all laugh until he just walked away.  But I'd still think he was the shit.

Remember a couple of years ago we had that "earthy elegance" with a lot of driftwood, white ceramics and mercury glass that all looked like it just washed up from the ocean?  Well all that is so 2000-and-late.  Fur glam (flam? glur?) is its rich, citified English cousin with a secret animalistic side and a penchant Victorian vamp.  How exciting. Because I have been drinking enjoy a good back story I think it looks a little something like this: through some magic of a Stephen Hawking-esque wormhole a cavewoman circa 1 million years BC was transported into the 21st century and landed in a Manhatten antique shop. Fortunately this cavewoman happened to be the most stylish of her clan and frequently wore fur bikinis and bouffant hair because vintage Mad Men-esque was totally relevant then too.  Even the NYT says beehives are back.  This bumpit I wear is finally starting to make sense!

the historical accuracy that is the movie 1 Million Years BC
Backcombing, winged eyeliner and fur tankinis are all just basic human instinct after all.  I'm calling this whole thing Primitive Glamour.

So this lady, we’ll call her BoomBoomPow [MS sidebar: can you tell all these references are from 10 months ago?] in keeping with the tradition of her ancient clan must now establish her power and status in this new world by amassing a wealth of shiny baubles, plush furs and 19th century antiques. I don’t care who you are or what Jurassic period you might be from tufted leather sofas are the shit.  Period.

Brad Ford in Lonny


The Missing Link???!!!

Kate Walsh's home via InStyle

these from Eye Spy


SimplySed via Plush Palate
Ok I just like the fur and cobblestones...

Desire to Inspire

Jeff Andrews via Design Crisis
That is fucktastic.

Then BoomBoomPow evolved (don't tell Christine O'Donnell)  to dye yarns and weave textiles like this:

via Head Over Heels
and layer accessories. The weather IS getting colder now...

Wheeeee!!!  Turbans, shiny gemstones and more fur!!

Elke Kramer via The Design Files

Hrrrmmm...???  Me.  Want.  More.  Sequins.

all from Fashion Gone Rogue

Furging feels so good.

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