Sunday, June 26, 2011

Fairies are everywhere and probably want to marry you.

I'm back!  Let the mediocrity resume!  Here are the highlights from my vacation last week: I've somehow developed an obsession with crystallized ginger, I can now marry my secret lesbian lovah in NY (it's just Charlemagne - Santorum was totally right about that beastiality thing) and I spent most of last week in Louisville, KY at the GE Monogram Headquarters of Amazing Awesomeness.  The ginger is unrelated to Kentucky...

here but I'd like to know the real source if anyone ever finds out... : (
However I'm not spending my last several hours on vacation blogging just so you can have something to read on Monday morning because I'm not your gawddamned blog slave!!!!  I'll be spending my last few hours of vacation doing important things like eating ginger (it burns so good) and watching True Blood get all fairied up.  Or is it faed up...???  

So we'll be back to our regularly scheduled fabulosity tomorrow when I tell you all about my trip and we can talk about whether True Blood can actually bring the sexy like Game of Thrones.  If somebody doesn't have sessy times with a little person or dragon or a fairy (preferably all at the same time) in the first episode I think Game of Thrones might win this one...

Your move, Sookie.


  1. A clear absence of doing bad things in the first episode... unless you count the faux lesbianism from Ton.. uh, Tar... uhh.. her.

  2. If they aren't even going to live up to their theme song I'm going to get very angry. MOAR VAMP SEX!!!

  3. Crystal Ginger's addicting isn't it? Ahhhh, it's good to get the ModSauce fix again. And after a week of cold turkey deprivation! The cold sweats were tolerable, but the convulsions were hell.

    I've been out of commission myself this past week (more on this later), but welcome back from galavanting around in reality just the same.


  4. How selfish of me! I should have scheduled a few posts or something while I was gone - like ModSauce methadone. My apologies.

    I only used crystallized ginger as accents normally but I thought I was buying dried pineapple at the store only to discover later that I did not. Happy accident!!

  5. Talk about a let down. That show had me hanging by a thread to begin with and I think the thread snapped last night. Was I watching the escape from Bad Fairy Land or an old episode of Land of the Lost? Bring on the goddamn tiger or I'm leaving for good.

  6. Fairies that are actually goblins with alien lasers WTF???? I'm not impressed and no lame lesbian sex scene can make up for it. I need Tiger blood!!