Thursday, June 2, 2011

Rainbow Black

I don't know about you but I've kinda had my fill of interiors and buildings and blogging about that shit lately.  Nothing seems new or fresh and I've not felt so much as a tickle in my panties as I've scrolled through the my usual haunts.  Just a month or two ago I was delighting in my overflowing caches of inspiration and my reader was below 100 unread posts as I sat in smug satisfaction of mastering the internet - but that quickly went to '1000+' and now it just says 'Fuck, bitch, I give up.'  

Maybe it's the heat or maybe I have a case of the sads knowing that since Oprah's departure I'll never get one of her favorite things under my seat or get to go on her show to have a threeway where I make out with Suze Orman's teeth while petting Dr. Oz's hairy arms like a sexy puppy in scrubs.  Sigh...

But you know what I never get tired of and has the power to bring me out of my funk?  Motherfucking RAINBOWS!!!


I kid.  I'll probably hate saturated rainbowy things in a few months but for now I love it.  And especially with black.
Like Rainbow Brite hit puberty and went hipster goth.


David Kohrman
I've also been distracted from my blogging homework lately because I've been busy with party planning - this weekend is the big celebration for the completed kitchen of amazing awesomeness!!  I say busy but really other people are throwing it FOR me in my own house and I don't have to do a thing.  I've been terribly busy pushing the cart around the grocery store pointing to things I want to eat while my friends buy it and then make it for me.  I also had to carry some of the boxes of wine to the car.  What am I, a gawddamned pack mule???!!  

Seriously, my friends are waaay more awesomer than I deserve.  This makes me nervous so even though I'm not actually doing anything (except mopping and cleaning my OWN house.  The horror!) accepting their generous gift feels out of my comfort zone so I'm mentally worrying as if I am actually doing all the work.  I just don't feel normal unless I'm self-flagellating!!!  Wheee!!

Maybe I can get some flowers to match my hairshirt?
Madame Peripetie via Behance

somewhere on Deereye...

via grain edit
I want to see modern graffiti like this everywhere!

Corbu's Convent of La Tourette
Double squee!!

Hey party people, get me some flowers like this for my centerpiece!  

Ooohh maybe I can get used to this whole being a real madame and making demands!
I'll wear this.

Rainbow wolves!  Told ya.

Not sure how long I want to stay in that room but for now I want to eat it like candy.

Like rock candy!  

In slightly unrelated news, there is a possibility that I might visit Rock City this weekend which if you don't know (and why would you?) is a park-like thing in Chattavegas on top of a mountain.  You may be familiar with the barn signs.  They have lots of rocks and candy in crystalline form.  Delicious.  And hurty to your tongue.  But the BEST part is the Fairyland Caverns located deep underground consisting of a dozens of large dioramas built in the '40s of fairy tales and a bunch of gnomes getting drunk and is only lit with black light!

This ain't a painting.  It's real y'all.  here
I shit you not.  Somebody was tripping balls when they built this and I love it.  It smells like a dank cave (which it is) and is freaky as shit but maybe it'll continue to put the acid rainbow of wonder back into my design motor.    

Either that or the large amounts of boxed wine and cheesy appetizers from the party should do it.


  1. It's all so 80s but even so, the image of the barefoot model in front of the red wall is sweet. Such freaky geometric clothing.

    Caving this weekend eh? Don't forget to buy plenty of "energy crystals", turquoise pendants, and bags and bags of rock candy :)

  2. Some people did coke in the '80s, I did Rainbow Brite.

    "Caving" makes it seem way cooler than it is considering elementary schools take field trips there but I don't want to ruin your impression of me... And your shopping list is EXACTLY what I was going to buy!!

  3. Enjoy the weekend of partying and spelunking. I like those activities almost as much as I like "Rainbow Brite hit puberty and went hipster goth."

  4. I intend to! Without a lot of spelunking though...

    Didn't everyone girl go from Rainbow Brite to hipster goth at one point?!

  5. I could swear they used you as a model for one or two of those cave gnome-worshippers.

  6. I look best under black light too...

  7. Oh my gosh. These images are heaven. Black and rainbow heaven. They are the same colors I've been eyeing lately. (I've been a lousy blogger lately, but my last post were these same exact colors.) Love.

    My husband and I used to go caving. We did a couple of wild cave runs through Racoon Caverns, just outside of Chattanooga. It was crazy. We had to crawl on our stomachs, squeeze through tiny holes in rock, and were submerged in total and complete darkness. Spooky and exhilarating! I hope you have a great time!

  8. Whooooaa far out - next time I'm in the Tennessee neck of the woods (probably never, actually) I have GOT to see the Fairyland Caverns! Were they lit with black lights in the 40s too?

  9. susie q - I'm over the washed out look and want some COLOR in my life!! I didn't get to go see Rock City as planned but I applaud your spelunking spunk - you're braver than I. ; )

    Chamois - Did black lights exist in the 40s??! I hope so because seeing that mess lit with regular lights would just be sad. Here's hoping you make it to the Fairyland Cavern of weirdness some day!